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The factors that influence the health and development of babies in the first year of life. There are lots of things that can influence the health and development of a baby’s first year in life one of them is the mother’s health also plays a vital role in the development of a baby.

Women who enter into and progress through pregnancy in good health have the best chance of having a healthy baby. Because the developing baby receives all of his nutrition through the mother’s bloodstream, the food a mother eats influences the baby’s development.A baby will need breast milk or formula and his nutritional needs will grow to include small snacks and solid foods, this will then help them grow and their bones and muscles to help them get stronger. Firstborns often learn to talk earlier as they’re surrounded by adults, while subsequent babies may reach their physical milestones earlier because they have siblings to copy. As infants grow, they develop speech that helps them communicate with the rest of the world. Parents can help by talking and playing with their baby.

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Speech development is gradual and begins as soon as a baby is born.Even before they say their first word, an infant learns to understand speech and to use there own voice to communicate. A stimulating environment for a baby is important they will learn according to the opportunities they get, there should be a variety of activities and gets to experience new surroundings. Playing with a baby promotes infant development. Simple objects such as rattles, textured toys, musical toys,toys with contrasting colors and patterns teach infants to interact with their world and encourage movement. Tummy time is another way infants develop physically.

Babies are born without language, but all children learn the rules of language fairly early on and without formal teaching, how does this happen? In the first years of life, most children learn speech and language, the uniquely human skills they will use to communicate with other people. The developments of speech and language skills are two different, yet linked processes. Speech is producing the sounds that make up words the physical act of talking.

Language is the understanding of the words and sounds we hear and also a means of expressing ourselves though the use of both words and gestures.There are many theories regarding language development in human beings. “Infants require continued verbal stimulation in order to progress.

Researchers at the National Literacy Trust report that children often develop learning disabilities and speech problems if they haven’t had enough stimulation in infancy. Language associated with certain activities such as baths and meals, provides association-learning opportunities. Verbal skills can be taught through talking and singing. Infants learn faster when talking is associated with actions.

” (http://www. livestrong. com/article/87345-infant-verbal-development/)

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