Provide •Consistency of care and routines •Comfort

Provide •Consistency of care and routines •Comfort

Provide Care for babies ASSESSMENT ITEM 1 Answer the following questions 1. What age range do babies fall into? Babies fall into the age group of new born to 2 years of age 2. Give 5 examples of how carers can opportunities for the social development of babies in their care. •Consistency of care and routines •Comfort and cuddles •Listening to babies •Talking to babies •Singing rhymes and songs 3. Make a list of the objects below that may be a danger to babies and explain why the object is a danger.

Bath- They may drown or choke on waterBucket- May get stuck with their head under the water Power cord- get electrocuted Teddy bear- Button could pop of and they may swallow it fan- may get hair caught or put hand in it Pin- Stab themselves anywhere Rocking horse- may fall off Pumpkin- choke on seeds Coffee- may tip over and burn child Smoke- Breathing difficulties or may burn them 4. Give 3 examples of cultural differences when providing care for babies. This could relate to anything that parents or carers may do that is different to what you may do as a parent or carer when caring for a baby i.

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. routines, diet, . day-to-day care http://www. oppapers. com/subjects/3-examples-of-cultural-differences-when-providing-care-for-babies-page1. html 5. On a separate A4 sheet cut and paste at least 6 pictures of caring interactions between parent/carer and a baby.

6. Answer True or False a. Parents should sneak out and not say goodbye if it upsets the baby, False b. Some babies drink formula and some drink breast milk. True c.

Babies may need their comforter when upset. True d.Young babies can be put to sleep on the bellies. False e. It’s ok to prop a bottle in baby’s mouth in the cot when you are too busy to hold them and feed them.

False f. You must never prop a bottle in a baby’s mouth True. g. Babies like to watch colourful moving mobiles.

True h. An orientation process can help to lower stress in babies and gives parents confidence in the service. True i. All babies have the same rituals and routines.

False j. Carers should only talk to babies when they cry. False

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