When ceiling no bigger than a pizza

When ceiling no bigger than a pizza

When I was a little girl I dreamed up the most extraordinary room in my mind. Being one of seven kids having my very own room was just an unattainable fantasy I imagined to escape reality. The reality of a basement room shared with my two sisters. Splatter painted square tiles covered the floor, wood panel walls, and very low ceilings with big bright lights. The room had one window near the ceiling no bigger than a pizza box. The closet was small and pointless. The worst feature was no door! Sometimes it seemed more like a prison then the, “girl’s room” as my mother called it.

But as a child from a Christian family I understood that this was all my parents could afford at the time. So the only place I had to escape to was in my mind. I only had to close my eyes and there it was my dream room.

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Some Images from a fairytale movie perhaps. A room so amazing it had to be in a castle! My very own room contained white walls with pink curtains coving the huge bay windows. The ceiling so high you have to look up to see the top. The floor was covered in the softest carpet, so plush you could sleep on it.

In the middle of the room, dead center lay my canopy bed. The bed would be so roomy that you could never fall off of it. It would be as soft as a cloud. I imagined pink sparkled canopy and bed skirt, fit for a princess. My room would also have a closet to die for. Shelves for the hundreds of pairs of shoes I would have.

My clothes would be organized by color and season. And they would be hung by outfits so getting ready in the mornings would be so easy. Whenever I fantazed about my fairytale bedroom I always added something new to it in my mind.Like a television, a jewelry box, or a computer, etc.

It wasn’t real, but it was a great place to escape to even if it was just in my mind. It gave me something to hope for, when life was hard. I still, even in adulthood, dream up my perfect house; with my perfect bedroom, and my kids’ perfect bedroom.

My daughter’s fairytale room being similar to mine when I was a child, but a little more realistic. I will one day make my dream a reality for her though so she doesn’t have to imagine one like I did. I want give her the princess room I always wanted!

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