Maoi Heads

Maoi Heads

Maoi Heads:

The Easter Island heads are known as Moai by the Rapa Nui people. They are located on Easter Island which is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Using basalt stone pickaxes, the Easter Island Moai were carved from the solidified volcanic ash of Rano Raraku volcano and transported to a quarry, Once completed, the statues were then moved from the quarry to their intended site and were put up. The people of Rapa Nui produced and transported more than 900 statues which is considered highly impressive in terms of the time they were built and erected.

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The heads have a smooth surface but feel rough because they were carved the people with precision but made with rough material. The form on the sculptures are really well thought about and nicely done. It has lots of 3D features and they are evident throughout all of the heads. The shape of the heads are exactly the same throughout but are different in size.

Proportion in the artwork is the same throughout the heads.But compared to humans the Maois heads are heavily emphasized because they are the main highlight of the whole structure. The body is quite proportional and the faces have a grim expression. They do have classic human like features but the proportion is exaggerated throughout the sculpture. For example the heads are really big, so are the facial features would be big too. The whole thing could be summed up by saying that the statues are known for their large, big straight noses and strong jaws, along with rectangle-shaped ears and deep eye slits which are all in the correct position but the proportions are adjusted slightly which makes them look intimidating.

No one is sure why were they carved or what they mean.Their meaning remains a mystery between all renowned historians. However, many people believe that the statues honoured important people who were admired as gods after their death and that Vast majority of them were erected to face inland so they could watch over their descendants at all time.


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