Marvel and sells comic books. The new

Marvel and sells comic books. The new

Marvel Entertainment Inc. BUSINESS STRATEGY Marvel Entertainment Inc. is a media and entertainment company. The entertainment and the media they provide are based on characters like Spider-man, Spider-Man, Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Blade, Captain America and so forth. Their primary operating segments include Publishing, Licensing and Film Production.

The Licensing segment earns revenues from selling rights to movies, television production companies, video game publishers, merchandise manufacturers and entertainment to use it’s character properties on their media products and merchandises.The Publishing segment produces, markets, and sells comic books. The new Films segment will produce films featuring Marvel’s characters. Marketing It is currently expanding to licence their characters to more dealers of children’s products like shoes, undergarments and clothings. It has formed an strategic partnership with a giant firm in the toy industry, Hasbro, which allows them to make toys using Marvel’s characters. Market will now include kids of younger age, 4 to 13 years old that likes cartoon heros on their apparel, items and toy figurines.

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Market will also target toy collectors who are 18 to 44 years old, who tend to have more spending power and have interest in toy collecting. Partnered with 20th Century Fox to produce major motion pictures like X-Men and Fantastic Four. Partenered with Lionsgate Entertainment Corp, to distribute animated DVDs for home video market and with FX, a cable network from FOX to distribute Marvel’s self-produced movies on cable..

Licensed its characters for use at Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando, Florida and Osaka, as well as upcoming theme park in Dubai. Licensed its characters to other companies for short-term promotions of products and services to be used in foreign-language comic books, paperbacks, and colouring books. Entered a joint venture with Sony to pursue licensing opportunities relating to characters based upon movies or television shows featuring Spider-Man and produced by Sony.

Ability of comics to stay relevant retained old readers and capture young ones. Trying to expand readership beyond current segment (teenage boys); Introduce romance comics, female superheros, and adult-themed comics through increasing product line. Launch online subscription service, produced motion comic series in partnership with Stephen King. Distribution Expanded its channel of distribution to hypermarts like Target and Wal-mart to increase sales of its licensed merchandise.Also expanded product categories to room furnishings and accessories and also target the upscale consumers through partnering with Nordstrom, Fred Segal, H. Expanding channel of distribution by distributing comics online, other than distributing through comic books speciality stores, mass market retail outlets and advertising and subscriptions. Operations Work diligently to protect its valuable assets and intellectual properties by registering trademarks and copyrights throughout the world and challenging superhero avatars designed by players of MMORPG.

Handle and negotiate legal issues relate to talent including claims of copyright ownership made by freelance writers, disputes with former employees and labour agreements with writers and actors. Revised its 2-films-per-year model and amended its agreement concerning its film slate credit facility to put employees back to work. Creating opportunities to profit from toy and other licensed property sales, in addition to a cut of box office and home video receipts.


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