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I think that you should budget for any planned expenditure regardless if it is for recreation or necessity.

Especially for gambling because, for first of all if you don’t you are more likely to end up spending more than you planned on originally. If you go ahead and go on vacation for example to Las Vegas, I think that setting aside a certain amount for each night/the entire trip, you are likely to have just as much fun and stay safe. I know that when my parents travel to locations where they may go gambling they set aside a certain amount of “Playing” money that they can use with their discretion to gamble. If they loose it, then no big deal, and if not, than all the better.People looking to gamble no longer have to travel to major resorts and casinos, like Las Vegas.

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They can now go down the street to a local convenience store and play the slots, or purchase a lottery ticket. If someone was to become addicted to gambling this could very easily and very quickly head south fast and by this I mean it tends to happen almost all the time. If someone was to happen to become addicted they would most likely have to spend a lot of money (borrowed or savings, etc) to fulfill this craving. You are almost guaranteed to lose money when you gamble, so I believe that you should in fact just do it to have fun and not need it, Ie.

Financial Aid. Very rarely, if ever, does gambling result in a positive social outcome. Even those who defy the astronomical odds and “win big” often return to the trough from which they were fed – to play for more money. Riches turn to rags, and the cycle of destruction begins afresh. The appetite of addiction is never satisfied.

The costs are great, and the returns are poor. Why do we, as a society, continue to promote gambling?

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