‘Critique One Distinctive Challenge or Issue Influencing the Global Tourism Industry’ Introduction

‘Critique One Distinctive Challenge or Issue Influencing the Global Tourism Industry’ Introduction

‘Critique One Distinctive Challenge or Issue Influencing the Global Tourism Industry’
I believe that one of the most important and worst impacting issue’s affecting the global tourism industry is crime of different forms. This issue affects so many people throughout the world, victims of crimes and families of victims in tourism destinations. Throughout this essay, I will divide different types of crimes in tourism destinations and explain how they are a major issue influencing the Global Tourism Industry and who they affect. The purpose of writing this essay is to bring awareness to how crime influences and affects the communities of tourism destinations synonymous with crime and how many people have fallen victim to these crimes in tourism destinations. I will also discuss how big of an issue crime is becoming in light of recent situations that have occurred that I will discuss in greater detail in this essay. I will divulge into the topic of general crime in tourism destinations and how it influences general tourism in this essay. Crime is an immensely wide topic to discuss so I will divide that topic into four sub sections of crime and critique them to the best of my ability. These four sub sections are terrorism/ mass shooting, drug related crimes, crimes of a sexual nature and robbery. I will explain in detail how these types of crimes influence and affect the global tourism industry and the profile of people they prominently affect. My justification for selecting this issue is because first of all the issue of crime in tourism destinations interests me a lot and its very important for me to outline the main points and arguments of this huge issue that more or less affects and influences all of us considering crime is so prevalent everywhere. The most important points for me to outline in this essay are how crime influences the global tourism industry, who it influences, why it influences them and most importantly how it can be combated to overall create a safer environment for tourism destinations and increase growth of these tourism destinations.

Main Body:
Terrorism /Mass Shootings:
The issue of terrorism is something that has been prevalent in everyone’s minds when deciding where to travel and possibly when to travel since 2001. When 9/11 occurred that instilled a fear in people that inevitably influenced the global tourism industry even up until today. Although the number of suicide attacks globally since 9/11 has increased it was this event that influenced the global tourism industry in relation to terrorism. The tourism industry in the United States suffered enormously because of this tragic event resulting in immediate declines in airline passenger loads up to 50%, and similar declines in hotel occupancy. The U.S. economy was put into a recession and the stock market also declined. Security from airports to even bus stations was increased as well. Unfortunately, 2015 was a year that influenced the global tourism industry hugely in relation to terrorism. There were 211 attacks in 2015 which is the highest record of attacks since records began in 2006. From 7th- 9th January 2015 France was heavily targeted. Three different terror attacks happened within those days two of which being in Paris a very popular tourism destination. Since these events, the rate of frequentation decreased of almost 10% in the French hotels. Terrorism is a massive issue that has really influenced the global tourism industry in a negative way. Terrorist attacks have occurred all throughout the globe over the last few years happening in countries like England, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and the United States. This would cause a fall in tourism in these places, really influencing the global tourism industry. A way we can try to combat this issue is by introducing extremely high levels of security in areas that have been targeted before or areas that are likely to be targeted where there is a large group of people present. I decided to also discuss mass shootings along with terrorism because the two coincide and often victims of mass shootings believe it is an act of terrorism initially. Mass shootings influence the global tourism industry in a similar way to acts of terrorism. On 1st October 2017 a mass shooting in Las Vegas took place killing 58 people and further injuring 546. In the few weeks after this dreadful event bookings to Las Vegas plummeted, with domestic bookings down 21% and international bookings down to 16%. From reviewing those stats, it is evident that this event took a hard hit on Las Vegas’s tourism industry. Although, this has influenced the tourism in Las Vegas in a bad way it’s number of visitors did not decrease as much as places that have been hit with terror attacks. I believe the reason for that is because the Las Vegas mass shooting was a one man shooting so its not as likely to happen again in Las Vegas as often as some places are being targeted with terror attacks. An effective way to stop this common trend of mass shootings in the United States so again to increase the security at things like concerts which is where this awful event took place. There should also be searches and more enquiry into what sort of people own guns in America and keeps into their background, mental stability, etc.

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Drug related crimes:
Drug related crimes are becoming a lot more prevalent today even in Ireland itself. This in turn has a big influence on the global tourism industry. A country that I am going to discuss which does have a lot to offer people and a lot of people travel there every year, but their number of visitors is declining due to drug related crimes is Mexico. Mexico is known for drug trafficking and cartel which is the main cause for such a high level of violence in Mexico. This drug related activity has given tourists a negative approach towards visiting Mexico. Many American college students go to Mexico for their spring break not fully comprehending how dangerous it can be. Violence in relation to drug cartels is always increasing and although tourists aren’t always the target they can unfortunately be involved accidentally. In 2010 there were 15,273 murders that were connected to prearranged crimes in Mexico. Even an abundance of locals do not trust the law enforcement as often times they are being bribed by drug dealers or even threatened. This is also a reason why tourists are hesitant or too intimidated to visit Mexico which influences the global tourism industry due to drug related crimes. There is also no evidence or reasons why the drug cartel will come to a halt or decrease which means visitors/ tourists will continue to decrease. Cartels are dependent on their port facilities such as Cancun for shipments from South America which makes this destination extremely dangerous and risky to be in. In the area of Cancun and other parts of Mexico many tourists are murdered, kidnapped, carjacked and robbed due to drug related reasons. In these areas’ tourists are advised to not drive at night and be aware when taking money out of ATMS and be conscious of your surroundings in nightclubs which is not a safe environment for tourists therefore decreasing the interest to visit Mexico. Although Mexico has a high level of drug related crime and violence, tourism in Mexico is still popular due to Mexico’s history and temples and palaces to see. This is also an issue for locals in these areas as well as tourists and for the Mexican government who are losing money in the tourism sector based on Mexico’s bad reputation. The Mexican government are working on marketing their tourism sector on the positive side. A way Mexico or any other place dealing with this issue’s government can combat this by enforcing harsher drug laws and by law enforcement creating a safer environment for people.

Crimes of a sexual nature
In this day and age and as a woman, sex crimes are something you have to unfortunately into consideration when deciding where to travel. Rape does happen in every country but there a few places I will be discussing a few places that are popular tourist destinations that are synosmous with sexually related/driven crimes and how these places overall affect the global tourism industry. Starting off with South Africa. An estimated insane number of 500,000 rape cases arise every year in South Africa. There is an estimation that more than 40% of South African will be raped in their lifetime which is a surreal and saddening figure to happen in one country. It is also estimated that only 1 in 9 rapes are actually reported in South Africa. Women are not really seen as equals in South Africa generally so it not really a safe place to visit on holidays. Rape is one of the least reported crimes in South Africa as South African women do not trust or feel like the law enforcement will help them in any way. In these areas of high sexual crimes tourists are possibly more likely to be attacked considering they would not know where not to visit as much and to not go out at night therefore causing less desire to even go there. India is also a country that is suffering due to their high levels of sexual crime. A new study has arised showing that tourism has plummeted especially from women since a 23-year-old Indian student was raped on a bus in New Delhi and died from her injuries later. Even in hotels women have reported being worried that staff have intentions of sexually assaulting women. Foreign tourist arrivals have declined by 25% since the gang rape and also the number of female visitors to India has declined by 35% since then. A study was taken place by The New Delhi based Association Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The study surveyed 1,200 tour operators and it shows that concerns about the safety of female travellers has altered tourists’ plans. Although no matter where you decide to travel you do have to worry about sex related crimes, but some place is more known for it than others which does overall influence the global tourism industry. Another sex related crime I will discuss which is on the rise everyday and is personally important for me to speak about because it often involves young children is sex trafficking. It is estimated that 24.9 million people are being sex trafficked worldwide 1.2 million of which are children. People are usually trafficked from 127 countries and can be exploited in 137 countries which is a statement that came from the US. Every single year, 20,000 Nepali are trafficked and are often sent to India to work in sex slavery. Some of these girls are as young as nine and are HIV positive before the age of 20. America is the second highest destination worldwide for trafficking women and from 14,500 – 17,500 people are trafficked into the US every year. Often in poor countries sex traffickers visit families and promise to bring their children to America to work and promises of a better life but they are unfortunately sold to sex slavery. The way in which sex trafficking influences the global tourism industry is tourists are often targeted as they are in an unfamiliar place and countless tourists have gone missing due to sex trafficking. Cruise ships are very often targeted to sex traffic. You must be extremely safe on a cruise ship as since 2000, nearly 300 people have gone missing from cruises. This is an issue that is not easy to combat, and I do not believe it will ever completely stop but hopefully it will be regulated.

Being robbed is a huge worry for most tourists when going anywhere but there are some destinations that are known for being hotspots for robbery. Paris is a place that is notorious for robbery to take place especially to tourists. Robbers view Paris as the perfect hunting ground for robbery as tourists are often easily distracted and not overly watching over their possessions. Wallets, cameras and jewellery are stolen from tourists everyday and although Paris generates a lot of tourism every day there are tourists that would not visit based on high levels of robbery. Robbers often pose as police men in France to steal from people and create a level of trust with travellers. A type of robbery that takes place in not just Paris, but overall France is often on highways or motorways. The US is also known for its high robbery rates. Detroit, Flint, Kansas City and Oakland being the highest cities involved in robbery. Teens and young adults in these areas are often unemployed, unhappy and have little to do so resort to petty crime and robbery and target tourists. This can really influence the global tourism industry and influence people to not visit America overall as it is synomous with robbery. A lot of times the law enforcement in these poor areas do not have enough resources or manpower to handle these crimes and they just get away with it. This is an issue I do believe can be combated everywhere by enforcing harsher rules in relation to robbery everywhere and have police present in areas known for robbery.

In Conclusion, I believe that crime is one the biggest issues influencing the Global Tourism Industry not only with tourists and with locals also. I have discussed how terrorism/mass shooting, drug related crimes, sex crimes and robbery influences the global tourism industry who it affects and how it influences peoples decisions on where to travel to. I have also highlighted how these issues could possibly be combated to create a safer environment for tourists travelling anywhere. I acknowledge in this essay that not all crime related issues that can be completely stopped due to the high numbers of crime, but it can be regulated. Crime has no positive influence on the global tourism industry although people do visit some of these places anyway. These different branches of crime from terrorism to robbery are quite different but are often linked to one another which can create even more crime. I believe that human behaviour can evolve over time but there are certain rules and regulations that should be put in place in certain countries to push that to happen. I have included a lot of shocking statistics in my essay to drive the point home and convince my reader that crime is one of the biggest if not the biggest influence on the global tourism industry. Although a lot of people do flock to these countries or some people are just unaware of all the dangers most of us like safety and comfort and reject the idea of fear causing these dangerous tourism destinations to influence the Global Tourism Industry in a multitude of ways.


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