Cause Being addicted to gambling has a

Cause Being addicted to gambling has a

Cause and Effect in Gambling Addiction Gambling becomes type of addiction for most people who are involved in game. People may look that gambling can be a pleasure in seeking behavior; but sometimes, it can be really difficult to stop this kind of activity or even avoid a certain type of emotional pain once they started it. Gambling is the main reason of divorce right now and a separation of a family members’. Some researchers think that addictive gambling can be referred as a type of mental disorder and the number of people who have a gambling addiction problems are increasing every year.People who are having a lot of problems in their life are the one who are being addicted in gambling because they think that by playing poker or by playing slot machine can make them forget about their problems and escape the real life problems.

The cause of gambling addiction is really hard to determine. However, researchers observed and concluded that the causes of gambling addiction are increased of capacity for self deception, emotional problems, guilt, and depression.People who are addicted in gambling start lying in where they are to their family members, stealing money or start withdrawing money from their bank if they ran out of cash. They start borrowing money from their friends or even to the people sitting beside them, and they start losing control of themselves by spending all their money or pay check. They even stay there all day playing without a rest and spend their time gambling. They do not care about their health and look because the only important to them is to play.

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They do not care about their life and what is going on in their surroundings because when they are inside of the gambling house they are just thinking about the jackpot that they can get if they win. Being addicted to gambling has a lot of bad effects in individual’s life. First effect is in physically and mentally health because most of the compulsive gambling after they get off from work they go straight to the gambling house without resting, eating and taking a shower.Especially the people who work in Casino during night time, after they get off from work they are going to take off their uniform and start playing.

Without eating and sleeping they stay there the whole day without thinking about the bad effect for their health of what they are doing. Gambling house is a smoke free place; so many people can catch second hand smoking which is not good to their health. Many people are having cancer of the lungs because of the second hand smoking; it means it is really bad for their health.Secondly, rejection of a family member because people who are compulsive gambling does not care about their family, if they are playing poker they do not even think that they have children’s and husband/ wife that they need to take care.

They are just thinking about the cards, or about the machine and the money that they can get if they hit the jackpot. Most of the compulsive gambling losing their family because of gambling, their wife/husband are separating with them or divorcing them and taking away their children. Lastly, bankruptcy because of their addiction they start losing their job, losing their start losing their businesses.

Their debt starting to increase because they do not have money to play so they are starting to loan and won’t be able to pay it that is why they are force to file bankruptcy. Instead of using their money to pay their debt they use it in gambling hoping that they can get the jackpot to make that money bigger. They cannot even afford to pay their mortgage so they are selling it or bank are taking it away from them because they cannot pay their taxes or the house mortgage. They are ending up with a bankruptcy which can lead them in attempting suicide or committing suicide.Gambling addiction is just bringing a lot of problems or making peoples problem worst. Most of them end up attempting to suicide because they lost everything family, friends, house, and money so they do not have anyone that can help them with their problems.

Based on my personal observation I have heard a lot of people’s story about gambling. I also heard a story that I cannot forget which can give a lesson to the people who are compulsive gambling, it is about a woman who is a compulsive gambling who lost everything by gambling.She used to be wealthy woman with a good family and good business but when she starts playing she started losing her business because she lost all her money in gambling. She also starts having a problem about her relationship with her husband and her kids because instead of spending her free time with her family she spends it in gambling house playing poker. She does not even take care of them like preparing food for them or cooking food of them like she used to be, she was just all of a sudden changed into a worthless mom and wife.

She was always being moody and cranky because she was having a financial problem. After using all her money playing poker she lost her business, lost her house, and also lost her family, and she end up with bankruptcy. With those problems, she started to become mentally ill and physically ill. She does not know what to do to fix her life and bring back everything in what it used to be so she committed suicide in the bathroom of gambling house left a note on her chest saying “I lost everything here!. Being a compulsive gambling does not give a good affect to individual’s life it can ruin a life. This illness can still be cure by going to specialists.

People should realize that if they are starting to become addicted to gambling they should start visiting a specialist to help them with their problem about gambling. They should think about their family and their self, they should think what does gambling can give it or effect in their life.

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