The then reeducate themselves, and the theme

The then reeducate themselves, and the theme

The book had a very interesting and exciting theme. The theme of the novel is that happiness demands that pride be replaced by self-respect and a reasonable humility, that prejudice must give way to tolerance and mutual respect, and that to these characteristics must be added sensibility, a capacity for genuine affection, and prudence.Since the novel is set in the marriage mart and the action concerns marriage, which is the only possible fundamental preoccupation for polite young ladies, these characteristics are also the requirements for an ideal marriage. But the authors point is deeper than this.

Elizabeth and Darcy, the only people who change and grow in the course of the novel, must be better people before that are ready for real love and true marriage. Jane and Bingley are god, though less brilliant and accomplished than Elizabeth and Darcy, from the beginning, hence their problems are all external. Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner have the same king of goodness.

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Elizabeth and Darcy, however, must first understand and then reeducate themselves, and the theme of the novels is in the meaning of the reeducation. Aside from those mentioned earlier, all the other relationships in the novel demonstrate how people fail to obtain the good life because of various defects in their characters.

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