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Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All American Meal By: Eric Schlosser A: Exploring the Text 1. The Fast food industry is worth studying because society as we know it has been raised by the fast, fattening food and fast food companies. The way that this food is prepared is even affecting the USA & many other countries as well.

2. Some characteristics of these certain men who got involved with the fast food industry are, they have to be willing to take risks, know how to please society, and willing to get up off their feet and do some work that most people don’t want to do.They are always willing to work in order to gain more money. 3. They are a few parallels between Ray Kroc and Walk Disney, they are that both men served in the same exact emergency response unit for one of the world wars for the USA and the both of them were very driven men.

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Another way they’re related is that their hard work and determination pays off and they both become millionaires. 4. So many fast food employees are teenagers because the employers can pay them less than adults because they don’t have families to support on their incomes.The plus side of having kids work after school is that these working students don’t have time to get involved with the wrong kids/crowd and they are usually very well-behaved kids. They are also learning how to be responsible and earn their own money and support themselves. The cons of having teen-workers is people don’t necessarily usually like kids handling their food and kids having other priorities and being less available to work. 5.

Some challenges of operating a franchise restaurant is that the big businesses buy the land, so that means they can take it away from a small business owner at any time they feel appropriate.Another problem is that some of the companies grant loans and charge the people paying off the loan ridiculous interest rates. 6. Major problems that deal with cattle ranchers are that the companies are now only selling to specific businesses so some of the competing companies have to alter their product to keep up with them. The price of distributing cows has also dramatically decreased.

7. The making of the McDonalds chicken Mc-nugget has dramatically turned around the poultry industry, and the way chickens are processed for food. The company Tyson is controlling most of the poultry distribution around the United States. .

The industrialization of meat processing and packing has altered many cities around the world by making them into more run-down, rural areas. 9. Eric Schlosser does not agree nor disagree with certain claims that meat packing plants have for a concern for their workers health risks. 10. The centralizations of food products, such as meat, in the home/society creates a major health risk to society because if only one contaminated piece of meat sneaks through the system, it can infect many other pieces of meat spreading major illnesses to whoever consumes the meat.

1. In a discussion about fast-food corporations it is important to talk about their overseas operations because they want to see demographics. Also, the companies will want to know how much of their money they are going to have to spend. 12. Society/the consumers can change the conditions of the meat-packing industry by simply not eating fast food/becoming vegetarian until these poor conditions have been changed. B: Rhetorical Analysis Questions 1.

Eric Schlosser wrote the novel, Fast Food Nation: the Dark Side of the All American Meal, to inform the reader about how the fast food corporations came to power and expanded dramatically. His purpose for writing about the deep, dark secrets of the food companies was mainly to spread awareness, you are what you eat. He wanted his readers to take a good look into the eyes of the manipulating fast food industry and to really understand what they have done/accomplished. 2.The Author’s tone throughout this novel remains informative and you can tell he’s really passionate about this issue. Schlosser’s tone doesn’t really show much emotion except you can tell he is bitter with how these companies are run and the health issues with packaging/maintaining these corporations.

He is unhappy about the non-caring individuals that run these companies. 3. The implications from Schlosser’s argument are basically that the way fast food companies are run, needs to change. He implies that this would make the meat better quality.The working conditions would be better for its employees also.

4. Eric Schlosser barely covers on opposing arguments about the meat packing industry, if he does at all. He does see/understand these corporations just want to be successful. These businesses are shorting their workers benefits and health coverage in order to save them money. The author mainly emphasizes the cut-throat flaws in the food industry.

5. The author establishes credibility by clearly stating that he has researched his topic and explains how he has actually been to some of these factories.Schlosser is mainly describing the worker’s life stories so he has to have a credible source, or these people or their relatives would discreetly contact him. He states facts to support his claims/arguments. I don’t see any unsupported statements, so I have no reason to not believe him.

6. I can see that Eric Schlosser definitely accomplishes exactly what he was determined to do. He illustrates his points/statements with tons of facts, background information and personal accounts. His writing does show a bit of bias, but as a whole he doesn’t stray away from his intended storyline/purpose.

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