VILLAGE and women start working in their homes

VILLAGE and women start working in their homes

VILLAGE LIFE There goes a famous saying that “God made the country and man made the town”.

Village life here is very different from city life. It is free from the troubles and problems we have in the city. First of all, we find village life to be quiet. No noisy factories run in the village to disturb us.

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The village is without the endless traffic of cars, buses and motorcycles. That is so confusion in the city. The village is near to nature and thus near to God. We find clean and fresh air around the village free from the smoke of factories, buses and machines. There are open fields all around where we can breath clean air .But the inner part of the village are often not clean. Villagers work hard but only during sowing and harvesting seasons.

Men go to the fields early in the morning and women start working in their homes . Women cook food, look after children and wash clothes. They even provide food to the animals in the house or milk them. The health of villagers is generally quite satisfactory. It is so because they eat pure food and take a lot of exercise.

Village life is not as pleasant as it should be villagers do not have many of those facilities that we enjoy in the cities . In villages we can not find well-equipped hospitals and good schools.We do not find drainage systems worth the name in most of our villages. Not can we have any multipurpose supermarkets, stores and shops in villages.

Still, village life has its own charm and attractions. Though sweet and simple, our village is backward. Villagers do not have many of the facilities that city people enjoy. It is necessary to make the life of our villagers better. More than 80 percent or perhaps more then it, villagers are uneducated. The Schools we find in the rural areas do not provide proper education.

Many villages still do not have electricity. So a great number of villagers can not use electric fans or watch TV.The water supply in the most of our village is not up to the mark. Our villagers take water out of the well or get it from canals.

Many villagers fall ill when they drink impure canal water. Villagers have to travel on bad and rough roads. They live in very small, dark houses often made of mud. No doubt there are disputes in villages about land, properties and canal water. Villagers get angry very soon. When anyone acts against any tradition they mind it very much.

On the whole, village life is close to nature. Government should impose condition on every well educated person to spend some days in a village every year, so hat they can understand the difficulties of the villagers and try to solve them. MY HOBBY It is said that an empty mind is devil’s workshop. The moment we sit idle devil starts instilling evil in our minds. So it is always better to do something constructive in our spare time.

Anything that we do in our spare time is called our hobby. It does give us pleasure, peace of mind and satisfaction. People adopt different hobbies according to their age, taste and temperament. Stamp or coin collecting, music, movies and hiking are some hobbies that people usually adopt.

All these have the own good or bad aspects.But I think that book reading is far better than all these hobbies. It covers all the aspects of man’s life and provides both knowledge and pleasure. One must be careful in selecting books. Some books are more dangerous than scorpions and more poisonous than snakes. Such books pollute our minds and contaminate our souls.

We should read only such books as illuminate our minds and purify our souls. I have a small library in my house. I have collected a number of books on different topics, politics, religion, Urdu and English literature, science and general knowledge.

All these books have been bought with the pocket money that my parents give me every month. I also buy an English newspaper daily and read it at least for one hour. It helps me to improve my English and my knowledge about national and international affairs. I keep my books neat and tidy and read them in my spare time. I also ask my friends to read these books.

Bacon, the great essayist says, “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested”. QUAID-E-AZAM MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan.The twentieth century has seen a number of great personalities on the international political scene.

Non of them is equal to Quaid-e-Azam in intellect and honesty of purpose. It was by sheer force of his personality, his firm determination and solid resolution that Quaid-e-Azam was able to carve out Pakistan on the map of the world. He was born in Karachi on the 25th of December 1876. His father Poonja Jinnah was a famous businessman and also an educated man.

His mother was also an educated woman. He was eldest son of his parents. Poonja Jinnah wanted to give his son a good education.At the age of sixteen he was sent to England for studying law. He proved himself over there as an industrious and honest student. He studied law at Lincoln’s Inn and did his Bar-at-Law from there. He returned to his homeland after four years and set up as a lawyer in Bombay.

He soon became a successful lawyer. In 1900, he was appointed magistrate for Bombay presidency. Quaid-e-Azam had started taking interest in politics during his stay in London. So, he left his practice of law and joined the Indian National Congress, he wanted to unite the Hindus and Muslims against the English.

But soon he felt that the Hindus were trying to safeguard their own interests. He decided to join the Muslim League. He worked for a separate homeland for the Muslims.

He was a man of strong will he had to face a large number of hardships but he remained firm to his stand. The Muslim League passed a resolution demanding a separate homeland for the Muslims, there were many difficulties in his way but he never considered them a hindrance in his way to progress. The Quaid-e-Azam was a very great orator. He could spell bound his audience for hours together. During his struggle for Pakistan, he had to make a lot of speeches.He discussed all the important aspects of the subjects in his speeches.

After long struggle, his efforts were crowned with success. The dream of Pakistan became a reality on the 14th August, 1947. He became the first Governor General of Pakistan. He worked very hard for the progress of country. Quaid-e-Azam was a thin and lean man but he had great qualities of head and heart. He was great politician. He was courageous and fearless.

He was a man of principles; he was a peace loving person. He always wanted to see Pakistan prosperous and powerful. He gave us the message of unity, discipline and faith.He worked day and night with determination. Over work spoiled his health and he died on the 11th September, 1948.

But his services for the Muslims of the sub-continent will keep him alive in our hearts. Now we are duty-bound to work hard, serve Pakistan and to thank God. A RAINY DAY In our country the later half of the summer is known as the season of rains and floods. People oppressed by the heat of May and June, look forward to the rains with anxious hearts. If the rains are late, people pray to God for rains.

Rains are the backbone of our agricultural economy. The prosperity of our formers depends greatly upon them.If the rains are excessive, rivers over flow and cause destruction.

Thus rains are blessing but some times they also prove to be curse. A rainy day in summer is a day for enjoyment. It brings relief. It gives a new look to trees and plants. It was a hot day in July this year.

There was no wind at all. People were fed up with a long spell of heat. Children were very uneasy.

All living creatures, men birds and beasts were made miserable by scorching heat of the sun. Every body was preparing from head to toe. There was a stir in the air. All of a sudden a cold wind blew. The sky was over cast with dark and thick clouds.There was a flash of lightening and roar of thunder.

After a few minutes, it started drizzling. The down pour became very heavy. Streets were full of water and looked like canals. There was water and water every where.

People ran for shelter. Traffic came to halt. Children came out in the streets to enjoy themselves. They were very happy. Some children made paper boats and floated them in the water. Every body felt relief.

The cattle looked refreshed. After sometime the rain stopped. I went out to enjoy the scene.

People started moving again. Their faces beamed with delight. The roads had become very slippery.

A fat person fell down in the muddy water. Some naughty children had a hearty laugh over this. The rain washed away the dirt from the leaves of the trees. A rainbow appeared in the sky. It looked very beautiful.

It was the first rain of the season. LIBRARIES Libraries are part and parcel of a civilized society. They are huge stores of knowledge. With the spread of literacy and universal education, libraries have become as necessary as food supply and transport. Naturally, when there is thirst for knowledge, there is also an ever increasing demand for books and magazines. Everybody does not have the means to buy books of all sorts.

Libraries may be of three kinds personal, public and institutional. The public library is the most popular. It has the widest range of influence. A nominal fee or membership contribution is charge form the members. The attractive titles of books and magazines attract the attention of the people. The reading rooms of libraries develop a sense of discipline also.

There are many uses of libraries. They provide us knowledge and practical guidance. Libraries have educative values also. They are a big source of self-education. The people who are doing research can avail themselves a lot from the libraries.Libraries provide us information about current affairs as well as past events.

Libraries provide amusement to the people. Public libraries also increase the sale of books. So, indirectly they encourage the writers and publishers. Unfortunately, our library system is not functioning properly. Our libraries remain open when the people are busy in their daily work, and they are closed in the evening when people are free from their daily business, there is no whole time staff for the libraries.

There is no proper ventilation system in our libraries. Books lying in locked cupboard stink awfully due to want of fresh air.The need of the hour is to broaden the base of our library system, So that every citizen of Pakistan can profit by it, this would require heavy expenditure on books, staff and buildings.

The investment would be worth while for libraries are necessary for the spread of education and culture. MY HOUSE East or West, Home is best. It is famous old proverb. This is true to hilt. Every person has a desire to have a house.

A house is an important necessity. The quality of life improves when you have a house of your own. A house gives us an opportunity to translate some of our dreams into reality.Every person looks after his house. My house is situated on the main road.

It is not far from my school. It is double–stored. I decorate my room according to my taste. My house is almost new. There is a small and beautiful garden in front of my house.

A path leads form the gate to the porch. A corner of porch is evergreen with a lovely climber that remains in brilliant bloom round the year. There is a small lawn in front and a fairly big court-yard, at the back. Downstairs along, serving as a general living room equipped with television.

My house is fitted with electricity. There are four rooms in each floor.There are marble chips on the floor.

The drawing room with two large windows faces the front lawn. We have covered the drawing room with wall-to-wall carpet. The showcases in drawing room have been tastefully decorated.

It has a kitchen and four bathrooms. The largest room is the lounge which reaches form the front to the back. All the rooms of my house are airy, clean and well-ventilated. They are white-washed every year. We have all the facilities of modern life in our house. Very nice people live around us.

We are very interested in gardening. I love to work in garden in front of my house.We prune the bushes once a year and in summer we get our fruit-trees sprayed once a month. My mother loves roses very much.

She also looks after our garden. I take care to keep the front lawn tidy enough by using a lawn-mower. I spent my time everyday watering the plants. I love my house very much. I am proud of my house. God bless our home.

It is not grand like a rich man’s bungalow, but it is sufficient for our family. In short a house is built by hands. But a home is built by Heart. I love my house very much. We should try to make a house a home.

A house of your own is a great blessing of God.A ROAD ACCIDENT Accidents are common in big cities. We daily hear of road accidents and read about them in newspapers. Such accidents often result in lose of life and material. These are caused by the carelessness of the drivers and their negligence of the traffic rules. One evening my brother and I decided to see a circus. As we were getting late for the show, we began walking faster along the crowded road.

All of a sudden there was a loud noise. I saw a man rolling on the ground. He was knocked down by a car. The driver was driving at a normal speed.

He saw a lorry coming from the opposite direction.It was being driven rashly. The car driver feared a collision.

He tried to turn the vehicle aside, but his clutch wire broke and the machine got out of his control. It ran into a passer by and hit the pavement. The man was seriously wounded. He sustained injuries on the head and face. His nose was bleeding and his leg was badly bruised. A crowd gathered on the spot.

The wounded man was removed to a nearby hospital. Some people started abusing and hitting the car driver. Some one tried to convince them that it was not his fault. It was just an accident. Luckily the victim was declared out of danger.His wounds were dressed and he was advised to rest to get over the shock. The police also arrived at the place of accident. The car driver and the lorry driver were taken to the police station. Their statements were recorded. The car driver was let off but the lorry diver detained. ANY MATCH It was the holiday. The weather was very fine. I decided to enjoy the holiday in the company of my friends. A meeting was called. We sat together and started discussing different ideas. Many proposals were put forward. I said that we should go and see the match_________________. All agreed with me. We hired a taxi and went to the play ground.The match was to be played between our team and Islamia College. A number of people had come to witness the match. Seating arrangement was up to mark. There were many policemen and scouts in the play ground. They were there to control the people. There was hustle and bustle every where in and around the ground. There were many hawkers selling eatables. Their things were being sold like hotcakes. We got passes and entered the play ground without any difficulty. The match started at 9 O’clock. All the players were in high spirits. They were trying their best to win the match. They were playing with great zeal and zest.Kashif and Akram played very well. So they were appreciated by the on lookers. Supporters of both the teams were encouraging them. They were shouting and clapping their hands. Both the teams were equally strong. The time was over. They were given fifteen minutes more but no use. Again on the request of the managers of both the teams they were given some extra time. Our team tried her best and at last won the match with great effort. We were overjoyed at the success of our team. We congratulated our team and decided to return. There was great rush, however we squeezed through the crowd and managed to come home.The match proved to be a very interesting one as both the teams had to continue their struggle till the last moments. It is in this way that I spent my holiday. The match was very interesting and memorable. ONE FOR MANY A street hawker. A street beggar. A road side hawker. A mason. A factory worker. A farmer. A farm laboures. A road side vendor. A fruit seller. A fortune teller. A post man. A policeman. A monkey man. A bear man. A juggler. An acrobat. A conjurer. A bus conductor. A peon. A railway collie. A tonga driver. A riksha driver. A bus driver. A taxi driver. A laborer. A snake charmer.Man is a social animal and he cannot lead a safe and happy life without society. As societies developed, men made their different gaps to cater for the needs of their fellow-men. In this essay I am going to express my views about a ___________________________. He is part and parcel of our society. We recognize him easily wherever we some across him. His dress is particular. Generally his appearance is not so good. Although he is a common figure. Yet he is of great use to us. He is ever ready to render his services in our favour honestly and perfect. He is expert in his work. As we know his work is very hard and tiresome.He has to perform his duties from morning till evening even in the burning sun or rain. He enjoys no holidays. He has to work like a machine in order to earn his living. Despite all this, he is always in need of money. As his income is not enough therefore he lives from hand to mouth. It is very difficult for him to make both ends meet. Some of them use some devices to cater for their requirements. In short __________ lives a pitiable life. His house is neither airy nor well lighted. There in no furniture in his house. He is unable to entertain his guests according to their status.Because of his low income he cannot educate his children properly. He cannot provide his children good dress in his limited sources. They help him in his job. In fact ,____________________ is behind from the other members of our society. If these public workers are satisfied, society and country will make progress by leaps and bounds. We also have a great sympathy with him. ONE FOR MANY Happiest day of my life. A trip to river side. A memorable incident of my life. How I spent my last Friday. Boating trip. Rowing the boats. Picnic party. An excursion. It was a fine day. My class fellows decided to enjoy the holiday.We contributed some money and bought some sweets, fruits, and other eatables from the bazaar. We rode our bicycles and left for the river bank. Each of us wanted to be the first to reach there. So we rode very fast and soon reached there. On the way, we went on laughing and chatting with one another. We saw some boys already enjoying themselves with rowing. Some of them bathed and swam in the river. Some of them started fishing while others, who were good swimmers, began to chase the boats and enjoyed themselves. Some times they were surrounded by the boats and could not even swim easily.At the other time, they did not let the boats pass by them easily. When we were dead tired, we decided to take rest. We were feeling hungry. So we reached the bank of the river. We sat under a tree and enjoyed the eatables we had brought with us. My class fellow Qasim is a naughty boy. He amused us with his tricks and stories. Mr. Akbar was also with us. He is a good singer. He sang some patriotic songs and love poems of Ghalib. Then we broke some small groups and began to have a stroll. A cool breeze was blowing. The weather was very fine. The scenery around us was very charming.We stayed there till it began to grow dark. Then we decided to go back. We were full of joy and excitement. We again rode our bicycles and returned home. It is in this way that I enjoyed a picnic on the river side. I will never forget this most pleasant incident. It was the most happiest and memorable day of my life. ONE FOR MANY My best teacher. National hero. Any favourite person. My best teacher. My neighbour. Mr. ______________ is my ______________. He is a perfect gentleman. He has broad for-head, fair complexion and sharp features. He is very active and smart. In fact he possesses a very charming personality.He is very polite and has cheerful disposition and there is always smile on his face. He is always well-dressed and he is neat and clean in his habits also. He is very intelligent. He says his prayers five times a day and recites the Holy Quran daily. He is very dutiful. He is very curious and wants to go deep in every matter. He has made it a mission of his life to serve his nation. He is ever ready to give any sacrifice for his country. He is kind and generous. He is highly qualified and is very able. He has a fair belief in democracy and social justice. He takes an active part in the politics of his country.He is an impressive speaker and has great convincing power. He has great affection for us and is always ready to help us when we need. Every one respects him for his good qualification and loving nature. He guides us towards the right path and the people are much impressed by him. His character is a shining example for us. He is the most popular man of the day. He is the man who impressed me. I respect him for the great qualities of him. I respect him from the core of my heart. He is the best man I have come across so far. MY SCHOOL Educational institutions are the true seats of learning.The students who are really anxious to learn can develop healthy habits only in the schools. In a school, we are taught how to move in society, how to behave with others and how to progress in life. I read in Islamia High School Chunian. With the lush garden outside, the school building presents a magnificent view. Its grassy lawns, the gravel path with flowers along its sides, the tall trees growing the gate add to its beauty. And outside may form the idea that it is perhaps a memorial building. Besides the beautiful building, spacious grounds and flower beds, there are other things which attract our particular attention.There is a canteen where some eatables, hot tea and cold drinks are always available. The class rooms are well decorated. Their ventilation system is too good. Our school has many firsts to its credit. It has won many trophies in inter school debate contests. In our school special attention is paid to behaviour, cleanliness and punctuality. The most well behaved, neat and punctual student is awarded a prize in the Annual Parents Day function. The hockey and cricket teams of our school were declared the best in the inter school sports last year. This year we expect to better this record.In studies our school shows good results every year. Our principal is a great scholar. He meets some of the classes himself once a week to ensure regular teaching. Our teachers are well qualified and trained. They take pains in the teaching work. The students are well behaved and intelligent. The P. T teacher has also worked a lot for the benefit of the students. The educational authorities are highly satisfied with our school. I am proud of it. It is our first and foremost duty to respect our school. A ROAD ACCIDENT Accidents are common in big cities.We daily hear of road accidents and read about them in newspapers. Such accidents often result in lose of life and material. These are caused by the carelessness of the drivers and their negligence of the traffic rules. One evening my brother and I decided to see a circus. As we were getting late for the show, we began walking faster along the crowded road. All of a sudden there was a loud noise. I saw a man rolling on the ground. He was knocked down by a car. The driver was driving it at a normal speed. He saw a lorry coming from the opposite direction. It was being driven rashly. The car driver feared a collision.He tried to turn the vehicle aside, but his clutch wire broke and the machine got out of his control. It ran into a passer by and hit the pavement. The man was seriously wounded. He sustained injuries on the head and face. His nose was bleeding and his leg was badly bruised. A crowd gathered on the spot. The wounded man was removed to a nearby hospital. Some people started abusing and hitting the car driver. Some one tried to convince them that it was not his fault. It was just an accident. Luckily the victim was declared out of danger. His wounds were dressed and he was advised to rest to get over the shock.The police also arrived at the place of accident. The car driver and the lorry driver were taken to the police station. Their statements were recorded. The car driver was let off but the lorry diver detained. TELEVISION Television is a good medium of communication that prevents us from communicating with each other. Glut to our seats we watch this one-eyed monster leaving our guests in the room or turning a deaf ear to our mothers call. After the Second World War, beard invented it for us so that we might get knowledge with pleasure. There are many beneficial uses of television.Many educational, scientific, historical, and political programs are shown on TV. We can hear literacy conversation from it. We can learn how a particular dish is cooked. Likewise we can get information about social, economic, and spiritual life. Television has also many bad aspects, before the invention of TV we used to have creative hobbies; we used to entertain our friends. And go outside for our amusement to restaurants, parks and playgrounds. We used to wait anxiously for the morning newspaper and liked to read books in our spare time. Now all those things have become the dead tales of past.Now the children who used to hear stories from their mothers and grandmothers like to see cartoons and kind club, Mothers and grandmothers themselves are not in a mood to tell stories about ghosts and fairies, scenes of violence, rape and mad car racing are the craze of our young generation, Thus TV is encouraging passive enjoyment and cutting us of the real world. We should present such programs on TV as entertain the people in the right way. As improve their knowledge and character. We should avoid the presentation of programs that may spoil the taste, character and moral condition of the people.OUR NATIONAL HERO, ALLAMA IQBAL A great man is one who serves humanity with heart and soul. We read and recall the names of great scientists, artists, politicians and poets whose tireless and selfless efforts brought comfort and peace to the suffering humanity. They die but their death makes them immortal because they live in our hearts. Allama Iqbal is one of them. Allama Iqbal is the greatest Muslim poet, philosopher. He was born at Sialkot on the 9th of November, 1877. His school teacher, Syed Mir Hassan, also played an important role in shaping his personality. After completing his early education, he went to Lahore.There he joined the Government College and passed his M. A in Philosophy. Then he started teaching in the same college. After a few years, he went to Europe for higher studies. He passed Ph. D in Philosophy from Germany and Bat-at-Law from London. When he returned home, he started his law practice in the Lahore High Court. He devoted most of his time to poetry, philosophy and religion. He was much worried about the sad and deplorable plight of the Muslims. They had forgotten the true message of Islam. Iqbal tried to reawake them from the sound slumber of luxurious ease.He wrote many great and beautiful poems which carry the message of Islam. Through his immortal poems he taught them self-control, self respect and love for religion. He was against all political and religious exploration. It was he who presented the idea of Pakistan. In 1930, he presided over the Allah-Abad session of the All India Muslim League. In his presidential speech, he made it clear that the Muslims of the subcontinent would have to struggle hard to achieve a separate homeland if they wanted to lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. Unfortunately, he did not live to see his dream come true.He died on April , 21,1939. He was buried in Lahore where Minar-e- Pakistan stands to bear witness to the insight and prudence of the great poet of the East. MY NEIGHBOUR Blessed are those who have good neighbours. We can choose our friends but not our neighbours. We have to live with our neighbours whether we like them or not. However, good neighbours are blessing of God. Happy is the man who has good neighbours. I am such a happy man. I have the best relations with my immediate neighbours, there has never been any trouble between us. Our life has been smooth and peaceful. We have lived in harmony for years.I have many neighbours, but the best among them is Mr. Ahmad who is my nest door neighbours. He belongs to a noble family. He is full of life zest. He is a good natured man. His manners are full of charm and sweetness. He teats all with a smiling face. He is always polite and courteous. I have never found him exchanging a harsh word with any body. He has two sons and three daughters. His children are obedient and respectful to him. They are very intelligent. His wife is an equally excellent woman. My neighbour has a lovely heart and sympathetic attitude. His treatment with his neighbours is admirable.He shares their joys and sorrows. He is full of wisdom and good feelings for others. He has always been helpful to me. He is not narrow minded. If he does a good turn to me, he never shows it off. He does not expect any thanks. My neighbour is a hospitable fellow. He is very sociable person. He has many friends. He has excellent relations with all his neighbours as well as his relatives. Most of his friends and relatives visit him off and on. I often visit his house and he also comes to mine. My neighbour is a man of parts. He is a many of great honestly, I have found him equally conscientious in his dealings.He is good pay master. He is an optimist by nature and he never worries himself over trifles. He has a remarkable sense of humor and he gets along well with his neighbours. He is always ready to suffer some inconvenience himself if he is able to save his neighbours from it. In short, he has proved him self to be what a good neighbour should be. A HOUSE ON FIRE Fire is a good servant but a bad master. It is a very useful for the mankind. It has become a great source of energy. It kills germs and keeps the atmosphere clear. If the fire goes out of control, there is a great loss of life and property. It has immense devastating power.It was discovered at a time when men used to live in caves. It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. When there were many cases of fire, way and means of extinguishing it were invented. That is why we find fire engine, brigade and stations located at important points in a city. I once saw a fire accident that took place in our street. It was winter. I was sound asleep. Suddenly I woke up. I heard a loud noise. I was anxious to know what the matter was. Father told me that a house in their street had caught fire. I got up from my bed, opened my window and looked out. I was surprised to know that the house of my neighbour Mr.Aslam was on fire. I saw clouds of smoke rising to the sky. I immediately range up the fire Brigade and told them the exact location of the house on fire. Then I changed in a hurry and came out. On reaching the scene of fire, I saw that fire had spread to all parts of house. It seemed as if the house was illuminated. The inmates were running here and there for help. A large crowd had gathered there. They were raising a hue and cry. Screams of children trapped inside the house were getting louder. Some people were running here and there with pails of water in their hands some were throwing dust and sand on fire to extinguish it.Some were merely enjoying the sight. I too, began to throw water on the flames, but in vain. The fire brigade reached the spot. They began to throw water on the angry flames by means of their hose-pipes. Two firemen with great difficulty brought out the children who were trapped inside the house. After struggle of two hours, the fire was brought under control. God be thanked, there was no loss of life but major portion of the house was reduced to ashes. The cause of the fire was unknown. A MORNING WALK Of all the recreations, that men indulge in, a morning walk is the most rewarding.It does not need any training. It is the easiest of all exercises. It can keep a person fit and fresh throughout the day. It is suitable for all, whether boys and girls, the young or the old, the rich or the poor etc. it improves the health and refreshes the mind. That is why doctors always recommend morning walk to their patients. In order to have a morning walk one has to wake up early in the morning. The cool air of the morning gives a pleasant feeling of enjoyment to one who is out to have a morning walk. I get up at 5 O’clock daily and start my morning walk at half past five. I usually go to the river.I pass throughout the Municipal Gardens. At this early hour of the day all nature is quiet. Dew drops on the leaves of the trees and plants look like pearls. The trees look fresh and beautiful. Birds fly about in the trees. Their songs amuse me. Flowers in the gardens and the air are laden with their sweet fragrance. Beautiful flowers dance with joy. When the breeze blows this scene cheers my mind and refreshes my brain. In the garden some people take rounds, others walk barefooted on the green grass. On the way I see green crops. The green crops waving in the fields give refreshness and charm to my eyes.It also purifies the blood and improves digestion. I see many people waking and doing light exercise. After half an hour’s pleasing walk, I reach the river. First of all, I say my prayers. There I take exercise near the bank of river. I can enjoy the beauty of the rising sun. The first rays of the sun are very good for health. At about seven I return home. One must form a regular habit of a morning walk. It makes a person healthy active and smart. It is a beneficial for those who enjoy it. It gives one a new energy to do one’s work. It also purges one’s mind of all sorrows, bitterness and happiness.

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