English toilet, or waste our time eating. We

English toilet, or waste our time eating. We

English Creative Writing – My Life As A Pencil I am just lying there, minding my own business, when a short, 3 foot, snot nosed child comes and puts me up his nose, and then looks around with the most obvious smirk on his face. This is the daily abuse I have to deal with in my life as a pencil.

Meet me, HB, I’m red and black and pretty average-sized to be honest. I’d be taller if it wasn’t for you! Yes I know, I’m just an ordinary HB pencil, how can my story be interesting? Seriously you need to stop and rethink; we pencils aren’t that different from you humans.We are just the same, if not better: we don’t have to use the toilet, or waste our time eating. We can just lie and relax all day – well, until the blue eyed snot nosed monster comes along again. All I want is some peace and quiet and no contact with boogers! At school, you people tap us on desks all day, and then, when you get bored you sharpen us when we don’t even need sharpening. What gives you the right? How would you like it if I got bored and came and took the top off your head? Can you even imagine what it feels like to be put into a pencil sharpener? You might ask, “How are you pencils just like us? Well we have the dancers, who are our bendy pencils.

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Then you get the environment geeks, who are made out of recycled paper. Then there are the poor stubby pencils who break easy, and those loners who never make it out of the shop. And don’t forget the filthy-rich, stubborn, uptight cousins: the pens. So you see, we skinny lead pencils do have personalities. But at the end of the day we just want to lie there and do nothing just like most humans do. Can’t you humans leave us alone? Oh no, here come that 3 foot, snot nosed spoilt brat of a child again! So much for my wish for peace, quiet and a snot-free lifestyle…

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