As “Would you like to watch Jordyn

As “Would you like to watch Jordyn

As I stepped into the kitchen on a Saturday morning, my mom asks me a question any parent would normally ask, ”What are you doing tonight? ” Now normally I would hang out with my friends and what not but tonight was my stay at home night. So I simply replied “Nothing mom, why? ” Usually her answer is that she just needs to know these sort of things, being a mother and all, but this time it was different; the answer didn’t come out so quickly like always.She sat and stared for a second like she was second-guessing on her reply. We sat in silence for a while until she quoted, “Would you like to watch Jordyn for me tonight? ” Right then and there I knew my mom had trusted me with my eight month old sister, and my anxiousness grew. After my mom told me all the rules and constantly telling me to call her if I needed anything or if she wasn’t taking it well. Finally, I was alone with my sister at last.

As I sat there I realized what I was going, I felt accomplished and more mature.She usually doesn’t do good with people other than her mom and dad, but I knew that would change. I was going to be the best big sister ever.

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When she needed help, she would come to me, and not her brother. It was my job now. Everything went well except the part where I had to change her diaper. I was considering letting her sit in it until my mom came home so she could change it, but thenthat wouldn’t make me a good big sister if I didn’t do my job my mom had trusted me doing.

Throughout the night she cried a little bit here and there but after I put her down and my mom came home it was the greatest feeling ever that my first time when well. My mom told me I did good and that I could do it more often. I liked it being my first time but also my last time. My mom didn’t like that idea especially after I did such a great job watching my sister with no calls or texts towards my mom through the night.

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