A going to be in the stands

A going to be in the stands

A Good Mom “Children are the sum of what mother’s contribute into their lives……. ” is a quote that is so true.

I never fully understood the true meaning of this quote until I became a mother. Now with three children and two grandsons, understanding the importance of being a good mother is something I can relate to. To be a good mom, a woman must have love for their child, support their child and pray for that child. First, the most important factor of being a good mom is love. A mother’s love is very important. It is love, unconditional love, that enables a child to overcome obstacles in his/her life.

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It gives a child stability and security. A child can thrive from that love from a baby to adulthood. Giving my daughter my unconditional love when she became pregnant at 16 was exactly what she needed to face her issue. Instead of getting an abortion or even giving the baby up for adoption, she was embraced with love and that resulted in her decision to have her baby.

She felt secure enough at a young age to move forward with her mistake. She even carried the love she was shown over to her own child. Secondly, supporting the child is another requirement of a good mom.Providing emotional and financial support to the best of that mother’s ability is necessary. Also it is important to be supportive in extracurricular activities. Taking the extra time, money and effort to attend these events is crucial to that child. Without a mother’s support, a child may not live up to his/her full potential.

Every basketball, football game and track meet that I attend, gives my sons a seal of approval. They are certain that I am going to be in the stands cheering them on. They even seem to play a little harder or better when I am present.The mere presence of mom makes them a little prouder and self-confident. Praying is the final requirement of being a good mom.

Prayers equal power and confidence, not to mention spirituality to a child’s life. The benefit of prayers for a child is the impact it will have on his/her life and even to the family’s lives. Also, praying changes things and helps build their faith and even the faith of the mother. Praying for my daughter actually saved her life. At a very dark period in her life, she was at a point of taking her own life.

Praying with my family and church friends was all that was possible on some days. It was those prayers that became the intervention in her life. Her faith was built up and she even began to say her own prayers, that resulted in her becoming a whole new person. In today’s society women are up against a lot to become a good mom but it can be obtainable. Sacrifice is essential but the rewards are worth it.

Children learn what they see, so when they are raised in an environment of love, support and prayers, the success of that child increases.

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