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My Life Road Map I’m not a person that is a good writer, especially when it comes to writing about what goes on in my life.

What I will attempt to do is write a little about my younger days, teenage times, and my adult life. I will also share my plan to move on to the future. My mom and dad both lived in Chackbay, La, which is around Thibodaux, La. This is a part of the town that is known as the country.

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They met at the little church down the road from where they lived. My dad said he never wanted to go to church until he saw my mom and her siblings walking past several Sunday going that way.They started to talk, but it could only be on the porch of my grandparents, with everyone around. Once mom made 13, they were allowed to go to the movie with my uncle and aunt tagging along. At 16, they got married; my dad was 18 and already had a full time job working on the riverfront, unloading the freight ships, so they decided to move to New Orleans, La.

My family became larger each year. I’m the seven one of sixteen. I was too young to be old and too old to be young. I just have to wait my turn to move up the ladder. Getting any real time with my mom was not an easy thing to do.Once she did the work in the house, and sometimes she worked cleaning other people houses, it was time for us to go to bed. So when I was 7, I just sat with her on the Saturdays and watch her crochet, knit or sew.

That’s how I could spend time with my mom. Soon I asked her to teach me to do the same things. It started off hard, because I’m lefted handed and she was right handed. Everything looks backward, until I learned how to use my right hand.

On the days that I could not sit with my mom because the other adult’s ladies came by, I would go and try to play with my brothers and cousins.I played with the boys because my two sisters were too old. They were really old to me, around the age of 19 and 21. My others sisters were babies, the ages of 4 and 3. I had no girls’ cousins living in New Orleans. So one day when the boys would not let me play with them.

I decided to cook for them. Only it was not the same greens my mom cooks. We had a large planet in the yard call an elephant ear planet. I cooked it a little, and took them mom wanted them to taste it. They did and their mouths were on fire, they could not stop drinking water.The sad thing at that time was I couldn’t play with anyone for a whole week.

Even on the weekend when we travel back to my parent hometown. I have to sit on the porch and watch all the kids run around. On our trips to the country was the best time for me because of my cousins who were girls. They wanted to stay with me, but our parents said no.

I learned pretty quickly that playing jokes on someone could cause them to get hurt and it will surely cause you to miss out. As we got older and had our own families, this is one story that gets told to the kids so that they would not try bad jokes on anyone.As we grow older, our house begins to get larger, because my older brothers and sister moved out on their own. I had to decide now what do I want to be when I grow up. One of my counselors at school knew that I had other smaller siblings so she suggested that I volunteer at Kinsley House, a summer camp for kids.

They needed someone to help with the kids and in the office. She spoke with my parents about it, they said ok. So here I am still around these little kids, can’t get away. It turned out to be great experience for me. I like the kids but most of all I like being the office.I would have like to stay there all the time but I wanted to find a paying job to help pay for my senior things at school. The lady who owns the corner store where we live needed someone part-time to help out since her daughter was going away to college.

I went for the job and got it. I started off in charge of keeping all the shelves in order, and letting her know when it was time to order supplies. My responsibility grew to signing for the supplies and cashier. I stay there for two years until she decide to sell the store to move out of town with her daughter.This was the first time I thought, if I had enough money I would buy this business. I finish high school and went to work for a fabric company. This store had the most beautiful fabrics and threads I have ever seen.

All the in between time of high schools and other actives, my mom and I still was able to have our craft time together. I learned a lot of new stitch to use so that I could create my own patterns. So working at this fabric store was where I wanted to be. All the time working there I could read the books on knitting, crocheting and how to sew.

From working the floor, to becoming a cashier, and moving on to learning the books. I know I have to own my own business. Since I have a full time job now, I need to file taxes. So I decide to see if I could fill out my own tax return, the company was filling them out with pencil, so why can’t I. I got the book and did well.

Next my father let me fill out his form, I did it right. Some after my friends started letting me complete their returns. One day, my girlfriend said I needed to take H& R Block Tax Class and go out with her cousin. I went on the date with her cousin, but did not take the class at that time.We got marry two years later. A year after that our first child was born, 2 years later a daughter and 8 years later a daughter.

Since I had the kids I stayed home to care for my husband and children, but I never stopped working at home with the taxes and crafts. College was in the far back of my mind, with not enough time to go. Our text says getting a college education is seldom easy, but it is particularly difficult if you have multiple responsibilities and too little time (Witt & Mossler, 2010), as my kids grow older and move to their own places, that same friend told me about the tax school again.

I decided to go for it this time. I started out as a tax preparer. When that session ended in April, they asked me to be an instructor for the Basic Class. I taught that off season, and when January came, I was asked to be a Manager. I did and that is my position also an instructor. When I get time off I enjoy working on my craft. One of the things I picked up that my mom did not do was jewelry making.

What I like most is looking at a piece of jewelry the copy it. Change the colors and maybe a bead or two, make it more personally for me. For holiday my family knows that they will get something that I have made.They put in their request the day after Christmas, so that I will have time to make it. They send me picture of necklace, earrings and bracelets for me to make for a special occasion. All this from the beginning of my young day have me thinking that I should work for myself. I have the foundation from the very start.

Seeing my parents handle the family and problems that comes with it, taught me my patients. It showed me that I can handle more than one thing at a time. Learning the skills needed to work is what everyone should be able to receive from someone. To keep this learning experience going, I choose to return to college.

Out of all my brothers and sisters before me, not one of them attended college. My three children each have 3 kids, and my kids have all attend college at one time or another. They start then stop for whatever reason. I was not financial able to attend college, but always want my own business.

Over the years I found out that you need all level of knowledge to achieve this. What I would like my children and grandchildren to see is that if you really want something you have to work at it. I will show them that no matter how old you are you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to it.I’m on that road and I will continue until I’m there. I hope this paper made sense to someone who reads it because I know I’m not that good of a writer. My children and grandkids have a lot more opportunity than I had when I was coming up for school.

I want them to think about what they want out of live and go for it. Always to remember age is not what stop you from accomplishing your goal. I have started looking in the business that I want to own.

It will be a franchise of the company that I am working for. I don’t need this bachelor degree to own the business, but I want it for myself and to help motivated my family.

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