The of her body down one by one

The of her body down one by one

The Demise of My Grandmother Knowing My Grandmother Would Die in a Few Days Death can be cruel sometimes. It can replace happiness with grief and sorrow.

It could take the life of any person without expecting it. But some, especially old people, like my paternal grandmother are given an expected date of expiration. You see, my grandmother had cancer. She was not ruffled by the news; in fact, she was the most calm among those around her. My grandmother was a woman of strong will. Her courage and determination knew no bounds. After my grandfather’s untimely death in her mid-thirties she single-handedly managed the affairs of the household.

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What started as a mole on her left foot soon affected other parts of the body. At first, she did not realize that the mole was a condition of skin cancer. Brushing it off, she continued her daily life until one day; she noticed that it had grown larger in size. Rushing to the hospital, she found out that she had cancer and that it was too late to diagnose it. She faced it admirably.

Her disease shut the mechanisms of her body down one by one until eventually she was bed-ridden. A woman who dealt with the everyday situations of life with energy and enthusiasm had to spend the last days of her lying life on a bed.My heart just stopped as I read the letter which said that my grandmother was about to die in two weeks.

My head started spinning. Who will I turn to for emotional support in times of hardship? Who will be there for offering advice? I had no answer. My parents were exasperated by the news of her disease. They knew that she would die, yet they could not contemplate life after her death. My mother was a very sensitive person. A single day did not pass without her shedding tears thinking about my grandmother. My father, on the other hand, was a man who kept his emotions to himself.

But sometimes I found him sitting alone with tears streaming down his face. She resumed her daily habits like reading the newspaper, watching television although she was not able to move. She thought that instead of fretting over when she would die, she might as well do something. So, she began writing articles to the local newspaper on her experiences in life. She talked about how difficult it was raising children without a husband, and she offered strength and support to those who were experiencing what she had been through. Soon, she lost the ability to write.

The Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me My grandmother was the first to teach me how to read. She used to patiently write down the alphabets and made sure that I grasped them. She used to tell me stories about castles, witches, princes and animals which always seem to have an underlying message in them.

She told me about the vices of greed, how we should be helpful to others and the importance of being truthful to ourselves. She also gave me invaluable lessons in modesty, humbleness, and generosity. Reading is a passion for me because of the importance my grandmother gave it.She also instilled in me the love for animals I have today. I visited my grandmother during her final days. Hours felt like minutes and minutes felt like seconds beside her. Then the final day arrived.

It started like any other normal day. Any outsider would not have known that someone in the house would die in a few hours. As the evening progressed, more people started visiting my grandmother. My parents did not give me permission to be in the room in the beginning, but eventually they heeded to my request. She used to say that I was her favorite among her grandchildren.

She used to give me chores like fetching her glasses and dentures, which she did not allow anyone else to do while I was around. We always used to watch television together and she used to cook my favorite foods when I visited her. She used to be very concerned about me; she always made sure I excelled in my academics. I loved my grandmother very much. My grandmother was a source of inspiration for me. She was raised an orphan and she made sure that she countered the problems posed by poverty through education. As a young woman, she went through a lot of trials and tribulation.

She always placed emphasis on doing good deeds and caring for one another. She was a very trustworthy individual. I confided all my secrets and problems in her, aware that she would not tell this to anyone; not even to my parents. My mother used to tell me about how she saved my life once. As a toddler I was with my parents in the railway station when I fell off the ledge and into the railroad tracks below. With a train oncoming, my grandmother rushed to my rescue and picked me up from the tracks with the train whistling by. She broke her ankle in the process.

Since that very day, my grandmother became attached to me. If it were not for her timely intervention, I would not have been alive today. In my grandmother’s room, my eyes fell on a cupboard filled with my pictures; from when I was born, to when I first learnt how to ride a bicycle, right till I graduated out of high school. She had also safely kept the toys I used to play with when I was young. Her Last Words An eerie silence rang across the room.

The doctor said that she would live until 8:00 PM. As soon as the clock rang eight, I shuddered.Prior to this I had never seen a person dying right before my eyes.

The thought filled me with dread. I was the kind of person who did not enjoy watching horror movies. I heard someone whispering’, “It’s already eight! ” My grandmother said with a weak smile, “Oh, I think death can wait a couple of hours. ” And it did. My grandmother had a good sense of humor. She was very witty and often made those around her comfortable and relaxed. But now, it was different.

During her last days, all her body actions ceased to function except her ability to speak. She put this to good use.She soon summoned each and every one present in the room and started conversing with them. She realized that I was present and called out my name. “Someday, my boy, you shall grow to be strong and support those who are dependent on you. Make sure you follow the path of justice in all your endeavors..

. “, she said. “Aren’t you afraid of death? ” I asked nervously. “Well, I had to die someday. ” she said.

“Why not now? I don’t have anything left to do. My children are happy and healthy with their families. I was actually beginning to wonder when I would be joining your grandfather.If it is destined that I would die now, so be it. ” I clutched her hand and said, “I’ll miss you. ” I felt her trembling hand on my shoulder.

She replied reassuringly, “Look deep down inside your heart and you will find me there. ” My mother began to wail. My grandmother then requested my father to make efforts to raise awareness against cancer, as she had now found out that millions of people around the world are suffering from it. She also said that efforts should be made to support widows and orphans, who are often left out in the society.

She knew the pain and agony of solitude and loneliness.I mustered up the courage to stay beside my grandmother for the whole time. As the hours went by, she began to develop difficulty breathing. With a last gasp, she passed away.

Sounds of people sobbing and consoling one another filled the room, as her gaze was fixed on the ceiling. A single tear escaped the corner of my eye, burned its way down my cheek, and fell onto the floor. The Funeral I had a history of getting nauseous and fainting at funerals. My parents, out of fear of the emotional effect it may have on me, asked me to stay at home but this was one funeral I did not want to miss.Fittingly, it rained that day.

My grandmother always used to tell me how she used to enjoy playing in the rain during her younger days. She also used to collect rainwater later on in life, claiming that it had medicinal properties. The weather added to the sorrowful mood of the occasion. I glanced over to my grandmother for one last time.

She was laid to rest right next to my grandfather’s grave. The last words she spoke kept echoing in my mind. I lost one of my best friends that day. My grandmother was 88 years old when she died.Eighty-eight years filled with challenges and fulfillment had come to an end. Her legacy has given me the strength I need to overcome any possible obstacle standing in my way, her lessons have changed my view of the words, and her compassion has grown on me.

My role model is dead, but I am alive and through me she will live as well. I saw my grandmother for one last time. The memories of all the good times I had with her flashed before my eyes. The rock that had always been my anchor, my constant in life was no longer alive. And with a heavy heart, I waved a final goodbye.

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