Physics is to create a thought in

Physics is to create a thought in

Physics for Future Presidents is an admirable piece of literature that was written by Richard A.

Muller an intellectual professor of the Department of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts at Columbia University and PhD in physics at the University of California. He received awards and honors such as the National Science Foundation Award and the Distinguish Teaching Award, UC Berkeley. In addition to receiving memorable prizes, “Muller is considering a legendary professor whose life mission is to explain current world issues using physics to support his ideals.

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As the result he has understood the ice ages to the latest terrorist threat facing homelands to the complexities of global warming to the very origins of the universe” (Leigh Bureau). Muller’s purpose while writing this book is to create a thought in the readers mind that science is an indispensable topic that has to do with current world issues such as terrorist, airports security, energy and nuclear issues. The viewpoint of the author is how physics can be use as a helpful tool to create well-prepared leaders that need to understand current world issues.Muller has also written several books The Instant Physics and Ice Ages and Astronomical Causes. Others have confirmed that Muller’s work is grandiose, in his show, Glenn Beck commented, “I have read your book.

It is fantastic. Everybody should read this book if you are interested in science at all and you’re interested in the future. ” The evidence of his thesis is the relationship between each situation he described with current world issues that are remarkable important nowadays.

He used oil, radioactivity, solar power, and terrorism as examples to highlight that physics has to be indispensable for future presidents. “Muller’s breezy style which reads much like the college lectures upon which the book is based handily deconstructs myths and illuminates the underlying science” (Mark Mills). One can easily notice that Muller got the information for his work from his own personal experience, he have lived through the events he talked about such as the 9/11 situation. As Mark Mills said Muller’s writing style for this book is basically based upon his lectures.

The book is based in what Muller learned while he prepared his life to be a physics professor. Since Muller got his information from experience, he did not have use other ideas in his work. As a result he did not cited anything, have references or use outside sources everything came from his own ideas. The thesis of the author is to create the idea that future leaders will need to know physics in order to develop good leadership abilities. In my opinion, I believe that he created a well-done job. He did not go out of topic or misinterpret facts in any situation.

Muller presented his work adequately the book is well organized. As one is reading through his work one can notice that the order of the topics is presented based in difficulty. He started with terrorism a well-known issue that is interesting and easy to comprehend, and finished with new technologies a topic that leaves the reader a sensation of what we can expect for the future. Each one of the topics is relevant and well explained, he created an extraordinary job that is not difficult to follow and significant.I believe the author has written this book for educated people, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand but elementary education will not do it either. In the text he used formulas that only people that know about the subject can comprehend but he explained what they do and how to use them, such as when he mentioned how to calculated the energy of motion of a plane with a specific weight and specific velocity, “We can calculate the energy of motion, the kinetic energy, from the physics equation E=1/2mv2.

To use this equation we have to use the right units” (Muller 19). The vitality of the tone that the author applied in the text is certainly lively. “On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia exploded upon reentry over Texas, killing all seven astronauts. This tragic loss stunned the nation” (Muller 222).

This sentence clearly specifies the date when tragic occured and how it happened, creating a solid image in the readers mind, the scene revives inside one’s brain.This book contributed to my knowledge and understanding of physics in a magnificent way. During my senior year when I studied physics and consider this subject one of my favorites. Every time I learned new topics I felt excited, I always wanted to know and explore more about them. Thanks to Physics for Future Presidents I could realize that humans use physics to create weapons, to examine what causes global warming and how to apply physics knowledge to prevent future actions that nowadays are causing destruction in our world.

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