TIPS address the situation. Do not forget

TIPS address the situation. Do not forget

TIPS HOW TO INCREASE YOUR SALARY Talk about salary negotiation is not an easy thing to do. Often even can lead to frustration and heartache. No special training or courses that teach how to effectively negotiate a salary.

Most employees facing his superiors to negotiate a salary in an emotional state so weakened his own position when negotiating. The ability to negotiate salary needs to be owned either by subordinates or by a boss who will face a demand for a raise from his subordinates. There are some things that actually need to be considered in negotiating.The first is gathering as much information about the condition of your employer. Is the company in a state that allows it to provide a salary increase. What percentage is usually the company will provide salary increases to employees. Are salaries paid by comparable companies currently prevailing in the market value.

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Under what conditions is usually the company will provide salary increases to employees outside of regular increases. For that you need to do a small survey first before facing your boss and negotiate.In addition you also need to consider how berharganyakah yourself against the company; in terms of whether you will be easily replaced by other people with the skills that are relatively the same but have a lower salary demands. What would you do if after going through various processes of negotiation, the company continues to refuse his request. Ask yourself honestly, what is your main reason to apply for a salary increase. Try to put yourself in the position of your boss.

How they will address the situation. Do not forget if you are not the only employee who wants a raise.It is not easy for your employer to deal with this negotiation, to change the payroll system Review of the usual time.

Your supervisor should prepare yourself with a variety of data that may be required in the negotiation process. Even though your boss is not the decision maker for this salary increase, if you are able to convince him that you deserve to get a raise, you can ask for his support to convey your wishes to the party who is more competent. The second thing you need to consider is the strategy in negotiating.The negotiation process should take place in an atmosphere of fun discussion. Discussion means there is a process of give and take. Remember that this is a request, not demand.

For that you need to know exactly what you want. Make a detailed list of things you want to be met by your company. The company would not like if you suddenly change your request in the middle of the process running. Provide adequate space for the bargain between you and your boss. Do not just focus on basic salary only. There are many benefits from the company that you can bargain.There’s a good idea to prepare a list of maximum and minimum demand that you want from the company, so you can negotiate with the more convincing.

Sports and serve the data that you get is not in what form you want to you get from the company, but rather to what will be gained by companies with greater costs that will be issued to you. To that end, the best way to negotiate is to ask for more accountability. Companies will tend to feel heavy if they have to pay more for the same result as they got before. You can ask for a bigger bonus to the new challenges that you will try to achieve it.Discuss with your supervisor how you can improve your performance on the job in order to achieve the set target. The latter is the time, place and mode of negotiation.

Find the time and place most convenient for you both to negotiate. Do not negotiate salary when your company is being audited by the other party or chased by the submission deadline. Ask your employer to discuss face to face; be in writing via memo or email.

Do not point out in advance in an email intent of this discussion is to negotiate a raise. Give general reasons just as you would like to receive input from him regarding your performance.Bosses tend to find a way to refuse a meeting with subordinates who want to ask for a raise. In the case of Budi above, after trying to overcome keresahannya and think clearly, Budi wrote an email to his superiors, asking it to take the time to conduct a discussion about his performance so far. Budi is selected time after mid-year meeting which discussed the achievements that have been successfully obtained by the company during the semester I. After receiving input from his boss, put forward new demands regarding salary Budi.At the end of said Budi suggested that she could understand if the company is not currently able to meet his request and he would do his best.

Budi trying to not offend if his boss was the one who does not deign to give his salary increase, although the size of the company with the size of such firms Budi, a decision directly in the hands of his superior. Negotiating a pay rise really should be done in face-to-face discussion where you have a greater opportunity to persuade, to avoid misunderstandings due to the emergence of written language, knowing the opinion of your boss and make clarifications when necessary.Ask for feedback from your boss how you can increase your income. You may not get what you want right now, but at least you know what is expected by your employer from your performance. When you successfully meet the expectations, it will be easier for you to negotiate salary.

This opportunity also allows you to do your bidding whenever he gives a sense of job demands are too high for you. When all you have done business with the best and you still did not manage to get what you expect, you can ask your boss a reason companies do not grant your request.Consider carefully all the reasons put forward by them. Once again try to analyze it from your boss and the company’s position. If the reason they are ketidakadanya funds or the wrong time, try to ask for a commitment that your request will be granted as soon as possible when conditions allow companies. If the company can not give a definite reason and it makes sense to you about their refusal, you may need to consider the possibility of your company does not appreciate you as well as you respect yourself.Sometimes this happens and maybe it’s time for you to step into another place.

However, do not do the new job search with a disappointed heart, as this will be caught by the new company and not good for your own impressions. You also do not need to show your company that you take revenge by being no longer matter to them and find a new job. Who knows you will need a network with your former company in the future.

Before you decide to move, consider your decision carefully from various angles. Grass often does seem greener than their own.The best time to negotiate salary in the new company is after a new company showed interest to you and before you accept their offer. Your bargaining power is at its highest point at this time. The more the new companies have information about the competencies that you can contribute to their company, the greater your chances of getting a salary as you want. In cases where a company is not currently allow you to get what you want, make a written agreement that within a certain time period (3 or 6 months) the company will fulfill your request.

If you are the party of the employer, do not promise what can not possibly give the company an agreed period of time because it will lower your new employee motivation that may be very potential. Final word though many efforts we have done, it is entirely possible we remain unable to obtain what is desired. Let not this lowers your morale because it will result in a negative impact on your own work record. As said by Doctor Richard Earle of the Canadian Institute of Stress, “The key to happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. ” Whatever happens, keep the spirit and work and live your life happily.

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