| you have tested it, the chemical is

| you have tested it, the chemical is

| 10/19/2011| | | | How to Make Litmus Paper English Lesson: Procedure| | | | | | Dianne Anderson from class 7-3| How to Make Litmus Paper English Lesson: Procedure Litmus paper is a paper that can indicate the level of acid or base of some substances.

Litmus paper usually made from absorbing paper that contains red cabbage essence. Litmus paper is commonly used in school and university laboratory. Below are the steps how to make Litmus paper. Ingredients/Tools: * A jar of red cabbage essence Some absorbing paper/tissue paper * Pincer (if needed) Steps: 1. First, prepare a jar of red cabbage essence. You don’t need too much essence; just make sure it’s enough to make the paper sink. 2.

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Cut some absorbing/tissue paper in size 5×1 cm, or any size you want. 3. Put the absorbing paper into the jar, let the paper sink and absorb the essence for several minutes.

4. After the essence is absorbed into the paper, take the paper out using pincer or your hand (be careful to not rip the paper) then dry out the paper. . Litmus paper is ready to be used. For addition, below are the steps how to use litmus paper.

1. Prepare two kinds of chemical liquid, for example lemon water and soap. 2. Take one piece of litmus paper and dip the end into one of the chemical to be tested. The paper does not need to soak, simply getting it wet will be enough.

3. If the litmus paper turns red where you have tested it, the chemical is an acid. If the paper turns blue, the chemical is a base. ***Thank you! ***

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