Facebook for americans. But it has lso been

Facebook for americans. But it has lso been

Facebook is probably one of the largest social networking websites in the worl. It allows for us to connect with old friends, family, and even allows us to meet new friends from anywhere in the world. Facebook has changed our social society very dramaticly, and it will continue to get bigger as we move on into the future.. How has Facebook changed our society? What is so fascinateing about this one single website? Back in the earlier days before the development of the internet, americas social society was very different. Friends would have to make plans, where to eet up what time, they had to stick to the plan.

They couldnt jump on the computer go to their friends profile and say, hey im gona be 30 minutes late. Often if a friend, or family member would move out of town they would have to write letters back and forth to each other. Sometimes friends would lose touch and be forgotten about, they would’nt have the chance to reunite online and see pictures of each other and their families.

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For a teenager Facebook may just be a fad, or they may just have one so they can be in the “click”.But for adults and older people it is a chance for them to find their long lost childhood friends, or that boy or girl they went to prom with in high school. It allows for some parents and grandparents to see their kids or even grand kids they may live on the other side of the country. We can chat, view pictures videos see what each other are up to lately, and so much more. Facebook may be graet for our social lifes, but there is always trouble with these kinds of things. Facebook has opened up alot of opourtuneties for americans.

But it has lso been used for wrong things as well, such as stalking, and hacking. Facebook has been a big problem with stalking people, but now facebook users are able to have privacy settings to keep out the stalkers and people that they dont want to see their personal information. The privacy settings have helped but there are still people who have gotten passed the settings. As a facebook user I can say that I like the i dea of facebook. It is deffinetly a great way to keep in touch with old friends, and my family uses facebook so i always feel connected with them.This is how many people feel when they use facebook.

Hopefuly more people will become curious about facebook and try it out. With the advancements in technology todays social society is very different than it was 20, 30, or even 40 years ago. We as americans are able to do alot more now, because of the internet and facebook. As we continue facebook will become bigger, more people will start to use it, and we will be able to do more on facebook to keep in touch with others. Facebook has changed american society alot and it will continue too.

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