Advantages location is set along with information

Advantages location is set along with information

Advantages of Using Facebook in Different Aspects In the 21st century, social networking has become an everyday norm in society.

Facebook, as a method of communication, has grown exponentially in its popularity over its time in existence. It has changed the way people operate over the last few years and is now used for all types of different things, from posting and sharing pictures with your friends, to setting up guest lists for events. Nowadays you don’t even have to be at computer to do your social networking because of such devices as smartphones, tablets, and palm pilots.There is a Facebook page for nearly anything, whether it’s your favorite music star, actor, or sports team, there is a page for it. Facebook is superb for keeping in touch with old friends, sharing information with people, and for giving businesses another form of advertising and a form of feedback from the public.

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Facebook has grown to be the largest online community in the world. There are over six hundred million users worldwide and that total is increasing daily. In a country like Canada, or the U. S.

, almost everyone that uses the internet has a Facebook page.So if 99% of a person’s close friends, graduating class, family, past teammates, etc. are on Facebook, it is very easy and convenient to stay in touch with them.

Without social networking, people would lose touch with just about everyone they’ve ever known except for a small group of close friends, family and other people that you would meet through work and other activities. The use of Facebook has helped people to stay in close contact with each other, it doesn’t matter if a person is on a different continent, they can still socialize with everyone who is considered a “friend” on the website.Say somebody is having a birthday party and they are too lazy to phone people, or they just don’t have everyone’s phone number, an event can be made. With the event, invitations can be sent out to whoever is desired, a location is set along with information regarding the event. Then the guest list is determined by who accepts the invitation and who declines it. That way people know who is attending which will likely determine many other peoples decision on whether or not to attend, and is helpful for the event maker in case they need let they venue know ahead how many people are attending.Facebook has drastically changed the way people are able to communicate and keep in touch with each other, and will likely continue to revolutionize social networking.

Facebook is not only used for staying in touch with friends, but also used to share information with all of them. Status updates, messaging, posting photos and commenting are all ways of transferring information and interests between people. If a friend posts a picture or video that may interest you, you are free to comment on it and converse with other people who comment on it.The people who usually comment on the same media as you are likely your good friends, so it is a lot of fun going back and forth commenting simultaneously with many people you enjoy to be involved with. The sharing of information over Facebook is also used by universities and schools. This quote from the article Ten Ways Universities Share Information Using Social Media shows how Facebook is beneficial to communicate with students, “Perhaps the most common way, and the way in which most of us use social media, is sharing information about ourselves or things we find interesting.Because universities are educational institutions, they use social media to highlight their experts, as well as the resources they make available to the public.

This includes tweeting and posting news releases to Facebook, but also publicizing news involving the university appearing in mainstream media sources. ” Using Facebook for this method of catering to the students, is likely very helpful and hard for them to miss important news involving the school. Facebook is an excellent method of efficiently sharing and communicating ideas over the internet, and can be used for all types of different information.Before, Facebook pages were confined only to person profile pages. Nowadays there are business pages as well as personal ones.

This has been beneficial to many businesses in getting their brand out to the public. As well as being good for businesses, they are also very impactful for musicians, actors and sports stars. In this aspect Facebook pages are used for them to keep in touch with their fans, and for fans to get the latest information that is happening with those figures currently. For businesses, Facebook pages are good for letting the public learn about these companies, and possibly find places that are hiring.As stated in an article titled Five Ways the New Facebook Can Benefit Your Business, “The fact that you can log in as a business rather than a personal profile is a huge step forward and one that opens a whole host of new networking opportunities. Up until now you had to work within the confines of your own page but now you take your business identity all over Facebook and the web in general.

You can like things, comment on other pages and engage in entirely new ways,” many new options are available to businesses, such as communicating with customers and interacting with other business.Facebook has opened up a whole new way for the public to interact with different businesses, and vice versa. Overall the up to date social networking that Facebook offers is very convenient, easily accessible, and helpful in the transferring of information. It has grown to be the largest online community. As well as offering its members access to any business page, it offers members the ability to post and share information, and is also used by universities to connect with its students.

The many uses for Facebook are what makes it so special and appealing to the general public.Facebook is taking over social networking as a whole, and will continue to grow in popularity. References Ayub, A. (Feb 23) Ten Benefits of Using Facebook Pages. http://blog. ablecommerce. com/10-benefits-of-using-facebook-pages Harbison, N.

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