I accomplishments changed our world and created better

I accomplishments changed our world and created better

I do not think that we put too much value on the idea or actions of individual people. Everyone has a purpose. They can be meant to do great things in life and change the world. Not everyone can change the world of course but they can have a big affect on people. Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was the most respected leader of the Civil Rights Movement. He practically sacrificed his life for his dream to have equal rights in America. His death dampened spirits of a complete nation. Dr.

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King is obviously a great hero and his accomplishments changed our world and created better relationships between the black and white races.If he had not done what he did, America probably would not be where it is today. His ideas and actions are greatly appreciated by America and to remember and honor him we have Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Adolf Hitler is also a man that changed the world.

Unlike Martin Luther King, Hitler was an infamous man. He has most definitely had a great affect on our world and is undoubtedly an important figure in history. Hitler was the main cause of the Second World War in which over 70 million people have died. No one has forgotten the horrible things that he has done and how he had an impact on this world.If Benjamin Franklin had not discovered electricity, imagine what our world would have been like. Paul Langerhans noticed insulin which was an effective way of eliminating the signs of diabetes. He changed the lives of all diabetics.

Also just normal people around you like friends and family are of great importance. I do not know where I would be without my mom and my brother. Whether they are inventors, politicians, or just friends and family. What everyone does is important, even if it is small. It can affect the world or just one person but it can still have great value.

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