Secondly, self-driving cars need constant feedback from maps in their systems to function properly. Essentially, the article CON: Driverless cars pose major safety issues, and relying on them is unrealistic” says, “Currently the maps for Google’s self-driving cars have only been designed to handle a few thousand miles of road” (para 12). This diminishes the chances of going on a car trip across the country without having to actually drive the car. It would be an inconvenience to the owners of driverless cars to be limited to only a certain area, unlike normal cars. The article likewise says, “Developing a nationwide self-driving car system would require countless amounts of effort and money” (para 12). This implies that in order to make driverless cars a future, it would have to be at the great expense of the producers of them. Comparatively, all this work would probably never stop because homes are constantly being built and new roads made. To explain, the section Maps For Millions Of Miles states, “To make a national system work, a company would have to maintain and update data on millions of miles of roads” (para 12). If a new area in a city hasn’t been mapped yet, a robo-car may get “confused” and fail to work. People would rather have efficient cars that they know will work well and be worth the money.

Thirdly, like creating accurate maps for self-driving cars, this whole project itself would end up taking more money from people than it saves. The article “How the government is making way f

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