9-6-00World about it? The fact that it is

9-6-00World about it? The fact that it is

9-6-00World ReligionsChris Jensen1)What is your religious denomination? Well, Chris as you know I am a part of the Hinduism religion.2)How long have you practiced Hinduism? I was born into Hinduism because I was born in India.3)Name three tenets of your religion? The three I can think of off the top of my head is Brahna, Brahmin, and Reincarnation.

4)Who was the founder of your religion? Chris the founder of my religion is unknown not even the date it started is actually known.5)What do you like best about your religion? I like the fact that it is a very old religion and that it is very active in religious ceremonies.6)Also anything you do not like about it? The fact that it is a little to strict on the consumption of beef and the boy-girl relations before being pre-destined to be husband and wife.

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7)Do you have religious ceremonies once a week? Yes, we do have church day if you want to compare it to the Christian religion.8)What is your normal day out of the week that you worship your gods? There is no really set day, but if you want to know the day that I usually set aside it is Sunday.9)How long do you worship for? Chris our typical service is about 3-4 hours per service.10)Is there a Hindu temple in Omaha? Yes, but there is only one and is called the Hindu Temple located near 132nd in Center Street.11)Do you have a youth group and if so who is your leader? Yes we do have a youth group and our leader is a Prep student Ohm Suahara.12)In the Hindu religion you believe that you are reincarnated, do you think you have been and are going to be? Chris I believe that I have been an no I do not know what I was or going to be. But once in middle school I told my teacher I was a Russian dog.

She called my parents and boy was I in deep dog doodoo.13)In the Christian religion we pray to saints do you ever pray to saints? Yes, I pray to one of my saints who I was named after, his name is Sai Baba.Bibliography:

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