A all were still free to look upon

A all were still free to look upon

A long time ago the elves and the faeries lived together in the beautiful city of Volvey.

It was odd that the two races lived together in the same city considering that each had their own king, but they lived and worked together nicely. They were very skillful artist and spent many years perfecting and even surpassing their crafts. The elven people and the faes wrote down their spells and magic, and how they obtained and perfected all of their skills in a book they called the Keeper. The Keeper was aloud to be looked upon by any of the city’s people.

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Though occasionally a squabble would arise over which race should keep and protect the book, but the fae king said that he would see no problem with allowing the elves to guard it so longs as all were still free to look upon it for wisdom. Goria (as she was called then) was a dragon who was allowed to come and go as she pleased from Volvey. She was beautiful, gold-mailed and jewel eyed. Often times she would share her wisdom with the faes and elves. But when she saw that their wisdom and skill surpassed her own she became jealous and soon hatred started to boil with in her.

So she went to each king and told him that the other was planning to steal the Keeper and hoard it for his own people. After she had caused the faes and elves to doubt each other she swooped down one night killed the elven guards and took off with the Keeper. Thus a war broke out between the faes and the elves.

But the faes realized that they and the elves were an even match and neither side was going to win. Everyone was simply going to kill each other. So the faes slipped off into the night and traveled for months until they found where they wanted to build their new home, far from Volvey.

They built a new tree top village and named it Trinolus. Which was named for the three prophecies that their leader had seen in a dream and told to his Viro Master while on his deathbed. The people of the village didn’t know that it had been named for the prophecies, they thought it was named for the three stages in a fae’s life. But the Viro Masters knew, and it was then the job of the village’s Viro Master to learn the prophecies and hope that they did not come true in his life time, for then he would have to find the chosen ones and send them to battle.

The prophecies predicted that darkness would some day destroy all that was good and light and that the faes would grow sick and die off. The only way to stop this from happening would be to send the two chosen ones to recover the Keeper and slay the dragon, now known as Gorgatha, large and black with eyes that burned red with hatred. The prophecies said: “Created to serve, it sunders now/ Wielded by she who learneth how/ To defile beauty, to destroy light/ To steal the graceful fairy flight/ To silence the call of the elven horn/ To mock the white of Unicorn/ Guarded by many, stolen by one/ Shall be regained by two or none * Choseth thy champions by virtue fair/ He with wisdom, she without care/ Infants send to do warriors deeds/ Lambs to follow where lion leads/ Strength will be forfeit, meekness prevail/ Sharpest lance, the heart of the frail/ These winged babes thy champions be/ Armed only with love and strength of three.

“So when the faes started to lose their power of flight the Viro Master chose Chrysalis and Arrogon to find the Unicorn Questa and tell him that the lose of flight had begun. The two young faes had no knowledge of the prophecies and wondered why they were chosen to go to the Unicorn and give in such a message. They knew that they must be important but they didn’t know why. When they found the Unicorn he told them of the prophecy and the part that they had to play in it. Chrysalis found it hard to believe that she had been chosen to battle the dragon because she wasn’t skilled like the other faes. Faes could bend light, turn invisible, shoot sparks and move things with their minds like Arron could. Arron was the best in his class and quite full of himself.

But Chrys, all she could do was open flowers by cupping her hands around them. The two faes, though a bit reluctant excepted the challenge and set out on their long hard journey.They went through forests, rolling green hills, the Stretch (a huge barren stretch of desert), and finally another forest but this one was dying because it was so close to the darkness and evil. It was ridden with the dragon’s slaves who were all former elves, faes, and humans. The dragon had probed their minds with her own, found their weakness or fear, and expanded it inside them until they grew hideous and evil.

Whenever a slave of the dragon’s grew near Chrysalis always doubled over in pain because she sensed the feelings of pure hate behind her good heart and it hurt her deeply. Arron didn’t understand this because he felt nothing. But Questa seemed to understand that Chrys was a child of light and she felt things differently then he did. Questa took Chrys and Arron to the evlen home of Lowenly and Avantia.

There the three of them rested and feasted. They prepared for the battle. Even the elves knew of the prophecies and were happy to welcome the two of them to stay with them. While there Chrys opened the flower of light which was the pride of the elven garden. It only budded once every five years but they hadn’t ever seen it bloom since the darkness started looming years and years ago.

Because it would not open the rest of the gardens were not healthy. The gardens had always been the pride and joy of the elves but ever since the Keeper had been stolen and the dragon started reversing the magic in the great book to destroy it’s people they hadn’t been healthy. The flower of light grew on a crystalline bush and Chrys had to concentrate very hard to open it but after a while she started to get a sensation behind her heart and her heart bathed the flower with love and warmth. The petals started to unfold one by one until a gem was reveled in the center of the flower.

The gem shown from within and then shot off a beam of light into the sky. After this all the elves stared in wonder because the gardens were restored.But Chrys was uneasy at the home because they were holding a slave of the dragon’s prisoner.

Avantia had said there was no way to cure the former elf but after her experience in the garden and the loving words of Avantia, “Where there is life there is hope.” Chrys thought she should see if there really was no hope. She sneaked into the slave’s holding place and stared at him while he slept. Soon he turned into an outline and Chrys was wandering through his mind and heart. It was black, red, and green with anger, fury, and envy.

All the colors squeezed her and suffocated her. They were so heavy and thick, sticky and hot. She almost gave up hope until she found one spark of hope left in his heart.

She got that sensation again and started to feed his spark with love and warmth of her own heart. The light in him grew until it was able to over come the darkness on it’s own and the misshapen deformed slave turned back into an elf. She had brought him back from the evil side. After nights of rest and numerous feasts the two faes set off again to find the lair of the dragon. Questa had gone off to pursue his own mischief and promised to meet up with them at the mountain.Once inside the mountain and in the dragon’s lair Chrys and Arron found Questa but not how they wished to find him. Gorgatha had him and was killing him slowly by taking away all that was good in him.

Chrysalis exploded in rage and flew at the dragon. But went skidding to the ground as Gorgatha spouted the magic words that took away a fae’s flight. Chrys now injured lay on the ground but refused to let the dragon hurt her friend Questa. She tried to distract the dragon from probing the Unicorn’s mind. But unfortunately she began to probe Chrysalis’s. Chrysalis was able to fight back mentally and push the dragon from her mind.

Arron however got scared and charged the dragon whom simply through him to the wall. And returned her attention to Chrysalis. Chrys had now upset the dragon because she was able to block her out.

So when Gorgatha was distracted with Arron Chrys ran into the small entrance tunnel to the cavern of the dragon. There she started to look into the dragon’s mind. She could find no shred of hope within Gorgatha but she remember that where there is life there is hope so she went back to the beginnings of Gorgatha’s rage and bathed the beginnings in love and warmth. It took much energy and strenght for Chrys but slowly the dragon was filling with light.

The dragon, suffering from the inside, was becoming violent and started trashing the rock wall of the tunnel. The tunnel caved in on itself and Chrys and she was crushed by a bolder. The dragon was now only half cured and neither the dark nor light was winning, so frustrated, she flew away and killed herself. Eventually Arron came to and dug Chrys out of the rubble. She was badly injured but not yet dead. He moved her next to the Unicorn.

He too was near death. Arron was helpless but Chrys stared at the unicorn and healed him from within by bathing him with love and light. She gave back to him what Gorgatha had stolen. Arron was crying and sobbing because he thought both of his friends were dead but then he saw Questa wake up.

Questa told him that Chrys had just saved his life and it was time to return the favor. He went to Chrysalis and touched her with his horn. Magically her injuries healed and her crushed bones mended and she woke up too. The three of them rejoiced and returned to the elven village to tell their tale before returning to the land of the faes.I love this book.

I’m not so sure that it is that relevant, or important, for teenagers to read, but it is enjoyable. It’s the best book I’ve ever read in my life, which is why I found it hard to write a shorter report about it, so sorry about the length. This book was meaningful to me because Chrysalis reminded me a lot of myself. She was so carefree and she loved everything that was beautiful and good. And in the end the good always wins. It’s a story of the struggle between good and evil and it’s a good cry.

And I feel as though this book would have meaning for any others of my age who love beauty and believe in magic and fairy tales as I do.Bibliography:

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