Personal at least 15-60 minutes. Since I

Personal at least 15-60 minutes. Since I

Personal Fitness Final Exam Essay Q: You are now 25 years old, done with college and you are very unfit! Fix your condition regarding strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. A: To fix my unfit condition, I have to do many things, including the F. I. T system. I have to exercise 3-5 times a week using 60-90% of my max, for at least 15-60 minutes.

Since I haven’t worked out in awhile, I would have to use adaptation to adapt to the exercises I would be doing.For example, for strength, I will set a target weight and repetitions, and have my body adapt to it. One my body has adapted to it, I will use progression to improve gradually overtime to increase my maximum amount of weight and repetitions for strength, and more stamina for cardio vascular conditioning. Since I am doing more than I was normally doing in college, overload will improve my fitness as well. Also, I would have to use specificity, and not just do random exercises to reach my goal.For example, if I want to work on running faster, I wouldn’t lift as much and focus on more cardio, and if I wanted to work on my muscles, I would lift more, rather than running.

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. Lastly, I can’t just work on only one type of endurance. I have to improve my muscular endurance as well as my cardiovascular endurance, so I can improve my muscular strength. That is how I would fix my condition if I am ever unfit when I am older.

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