Moses all male Hebrew babies were to

Moses all male Hebrew babies were to

Moses was a leader of the Hebrews and probably the most important figure in Judaism. He led the Hebrew people out of Egypt and into the Promise Land. His story is told in the book of Exodus, and begins when he was first born during the time that the pharaoh of Egypt declared that all male Hebrew babies were to be drowned at birth. Moses’ mother Yocheved, hid Moses and placed him in a basket in the reeds of the Nile River, where he was then found by the pharaoh’s daughter, who kept Moses and raised him as her own. In the story of Moses, he grows up and stumbles upon an Egyptian beating a Hebrew slave.Out of anger Moses murders the Egyptian, and flees to Midian to escape his crime (Hays, 2000).

In Midian, Moses rests besides a well, where he sees seven daughters fetching water for their sheep. Shepherds come along and begin to harass the women. Moses does not agree with the shepherds’ actions. He scares them off and then gives water to the women. The young women tell their father, Reuel, of Moses’ kind actions. Reuel rewarded Moses by giving one of the daughters, Zipporah, to Moses for him to marry (Hays, 2000). At the age of eighty, Moses had talked to god on the mountain known as Mount Sinai.

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Moses stayed on the mountain for forty days and forty nights. God had much to tell Moses, and wanted to instruct the people on how to live. God shared with Moses the rules he would like for the people to follow, these rules are called The Ten Commandments. By following these rules the people would have less sadness. Each commandment is equally important, and it was Gods way of protecting the people (DLTK, n. d. ).

There are several qualities to Moses that show his true leadership. These qualities include: faith, loyalty, humility, perseverance, foresight, and intelligence.Moses had the innate ability to have others follow him because of the leadership qualities he possessed. Moses always feels that it is his duty to fix situations and correct injustice.

When someone is in need, Moses always seems to be at the right place and at the right time. Throughout the book of Exodus, these qualities are demonstrated over and over again. Moses demonstrates his faith and loyalty by refusing to be called the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses was living the dream life; he was “born” into a wealthy, royal family and had everything that any Egyptian could ever want.Although, Moses’ birthmother nursed him and raised him, the Pharaoh’s daughter was known as his mother. When he became older, he had chosen God and the Hebrews over the wealthy lifestyle of the Pharaoh. To Moses, loyalty to God and true heritage was of the upmost importance rather than living a life of fortune.

Many Hebrew born would love to be the son of the Pharaoh’s daughter, but Moses felt he should stay faithful to who he really was. Fame and wealth meant little to Moses because in reality that is not where God had intended him to be born into (Hollingsworth, 2008).Moses was a Hebrew despite being raised in the Pharaoh’s home, and he always remained loyal to the Hebrews. When Moses saw that an Egyptian was attacking a Hebrew, he looked both ways and saw that there was no man, and he killed the Egyptian. Moses hid the Egyptian’s body in the sand, so no one could find it. Although, this may seem like it should be classified as murder, which is a sin, but that is not how it should be portrayed. Moses was protecting a fellow Jew that was in need of help.

It is believed that Moses did not mean to kill the Egyptian, but he meant only to hit him in order to save the Jew.People question that if Moses did not mean to kill the Egyptian, then why did Moses look both ways making sure there were no witnesses? Moses did not look both ways fearing witnesses, but rather to see if there was anyone else around to save the Jew, when Moses realized that there was not anyone else to step forward and defend the Jew, he took it into his own hands (Zivotofsky, 1994). Moses approaches the burning bush in curiosity. God calls out to him and orders Moses to “take off his sandals from his feet, for the place where he is standing is holy ground. God tells him that he must be responsible for leading the Jews out of Egypt.

Moses was a humble man, but God sees that he is mightier than Moses sees himself. When God tells him that he must lead the Jews out of Egypt, he grows fearful and unworthy of such a task. Moses humility toward God is what makes him capable of such a tremendous mission.

Although, he would have much rather not lead the Jews out of Egypt because he is afraid and does not have faith in himself, however, he is able to do it because God has told him to and God would not ask him to do so if it was impossible.Moses successfully leads the Hebrews out of Egypt. Moses was capable of freeing the Jews of slavery with a quality of humility (No Title, 1986). Being a leader is very important when it comes to being successful. Like Moses, who was a natural born leader, it is necessary for a President to be a leader.

A President must possess certain qualities to make certain that he will be successful in office. Leadership is a key attribute in order to be able to direct and be followed by others. Any President would be grateful to have all the leadership qualities that Moses had.Moses was loyal and faithful, to his belief in God. Despite his inner doubts, he believed that God had chosen him to lead the Hebrews out of slavery and into the Promise Land. His faith kept him motivated to persevere. Perseverance is another quality that is critical to being a leader.

If Moses was a political leader today he would probably be very successful, because we look for all of the qualities that Moses had, in our Presidents and future leaders. We hope that our President’s would have these qualities and be as good as a leader that Moses was.In a President, we mainly look for the qualities of intelligence, foresight, and someone who we can trust to make sound decisions for our country.

In a modern context, Moses as President would possess these attributes and lead our nation in a positive direction. For example, he had intelligence from the encounter with God on Mount Horeb, and made sound decisions in trusting God’s advice when given to him (Tayo123, 2008). Through the events that occurred among the Hebrews under the leadership of Moses proves that he was a more than qualified leader.He led the oppressed Jews almost all the way into the promise land, before he handed off the responsibility to his brother Aaron. Moses exhibits characteristics that would qualify him to lead a large population of people.

In today’s society it would be hard to find a President who could lead people through these very difficult situations and be successful. If Moses was elected President, I believe his leadership qualities would enable him to make a huge difference and put an end to most of the problems that our country is facing.He has the intelligence, foresight and perseverance to do what is best for all and make good decisions. This is exactly what we need today in our President, the ability to be able to lead and make decisions that will benefit our country. There have been too many mistakes made by the Presidents of the United States in recent terms, because they lacked the leadership qualities mentioned above. If Moses was around today and elected President, we would see a positive and dramatic change in our country. In conclusion, it is obvious why Moses is known as one of the greatest leaders in the Bible.

He has accomplished many things throughout his life including: leading the Hebrews out of slavery, out of Egypt and into the Promise Land, and introduced the people to The Ten Commandments. He was very faithful to God and acted on his word, despite the doubts he had in himself. He had faith that God was there for him and nothing bad could happen since God was on his side. Moses made a huge impact on the Hebrews and without him they would not have escaped from slavery. Moses was a natural born leader and he displayed it throughout his whole life.

He had all of the qualities that any great leader could possess. Moses had faith, loyalty, humility perseverance, foresight, and intelligence. In every situation Moses acted fairly and never went against his people. Moses would never let a situation of discrimination against Hebrews stand. He had to act upon this injustice and make sure that he made the predicament right.

Moses is a memorable character in the Bible. He was an admirable leader to his people, influenced his era a tremendous way and would make a fabulous head of government in today’s times.

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