The fitness test outside of school where

The fitness test outside of school where

The forest lake aquathon consists of a 250 meter swim and a 2. 5 kilometre run. A specific training program has been made to improve my weaknesses and work on cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

This essay will also evaluate the personal training program that has been created and whether or not it will help improve my fitness. In last year’s aquathon I did not participate, but the average time that most students finished were around 20 minutes.There was also a fitness test where students swum the same 2. 5 meters and approximately 2. 5 kilometres, I also could not participate in that. But I completed a similar fitness test outside of school where I ran around 200 meters less at a time of 20:32. After completing this test, improvements in my body’s aerobic capacity and cardiovascular endurance need to be made.

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As the aquathon is quite a decent distance, Aerobic and Cardiovascular endurance need to be improved.Aerobic is also the most suitable to the aquathon as the aquathon takes more than 3 minutes to complete which means cp or lactic acid wouldn’t be needed as there is no need to sprint throughout the event. Cardiovascular endurance is another component that needs to be used to complete the aquathon as your body does not tire as quick when you have a large lung capacity and good heart rate. After running 2.

kilometres and swimming 250 meters the average person would be quite tired/exhausted, but with the correct fitness exercises to work on cardiovascular endurance it would get easier and easier to run such an event. The reason your cardio performance can be improved is because the heart is a muscle, and like all other muscles in the body if you keep working it it will adapt to the workload given. This allows us to have direct control of how healthy one of the most important systems in our body is. Your body will also adapt to running the aquathon by running similar versions of it.

This is because your body will get used to it plus it can be modified in certain ways to be able to work on different fitness components but still be doing a great enough distance to be also getting your body ready for the aquathon. The fitness components that have been mentioned are great weaknesses in my fitness. I will be able to perform at a higher level of intensity and fitness as my aerobic and cardiovascular fitness are being improved, which means I will be able to run and swim without losing energy to quickly.

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