April to fall out. Small white round

April to fall out. Small white round

April 15, 2008Psoriatic ImmunityThe past couple of months wasn’t very good for Jay. He had a major crisis.An illness altered his life.

Things weren’t the same for him.Even hisbody failed to function well. Intense stress triggered hair loss.

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His whiteblood cells attacked his hair follicles and stopped hair growth. Strands ofhairs suddenly started to fall out. Small white round skin patches coveredwith silvery scales spread to his body.

These scaly patches appeared on hisknees, elbows, scalp and back. Skin on his elbows and knees looked burnedand cracked. Scalp and back grew itchy and flaky as his skin turned verydry. Excessive flakes developed a number of disgusting red spots on Jay’slegs. His once healthy fair skin became dull and stinky. It was like cancerthat spread fast all over his body. His skin seemed rotting.

He looked likea human serpent. Similar to people with leprosy, he was despised andavoided. Disowned by some of his friends, his life became worse than theleper’s. Such extreme misfortune gave him an immense feeling of shame andinsecurity. Thus, Jay’s disease negatively affected his morale.Hisphysical illness handicapped his psychological stability. He felt helpless,embarrassed, angry and frustrated.

Depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicideand body image issues deteriorated his soul. Most of the time, he onlystayed within the confines of his house. Jay started to live a life alone.In fact, he stayed away from friends, acquaintances and even his ownfamily. Jay was broken. He lived a life with a dreadful curse and stresswas all to blame.”Psoriasis” is one of the oldest skin conditions ever written in history.

It has been recorded since 35 A.D. Some evidences even show that it couldhave been known earlier. Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects the lifecycle of skin cells. Stress is hypothesized as the main cause of thisfrightening disease.

The first outbreak is sometimes followed byastreptococcal infection.Suchexperiencebecomespainfulduetostreptococci microorganisms that thrive under the flaky skin.Thesebacteria feed on the host’s flaky skin. Topical treatments are oftenprescribed by doctors to relieve pain and itchiness.

Antibiotics and anti-bacterial creams prevent the augmentation of these microorganisms. However,none of these ointments and creams could cure patients entirely. Doctorssay it is a lifelong condition – a persistent, chronic disease.

No cure wasever found! Treatments were only helpful to ease the itch or pain.Prescribed medicines only help control complications. Even UVB (UltravioletSpectrum) or Phototherapy or Coal Tar does not cure this disease. Sometimesit even gets worse. It spreads extensively around the body, affecting thewhole dermis system. Indeed, Psoriasis is a curse for the living! It’s anuisance and a burden, especially when associated with other sickness.

Topeople with Psoriasis like Jay, only a miracle could help. Where else canhe find cure when Medicine couldn’t help enough? What else can Jay do whenScience doesn’t know the cure? While Psoriasis affects the dermis of aperson, its effects deters one’s soul. Physically and psychologically, theeffects are severe. When stress begets more stress, everything becomeshopeless. Again, more stress was all to blame.From stress to Psoriasis, from Psoriasis to more stress! The chain isundeniable and we can blame it more on multitudes of stress.

If Jay doesn’tdie of Psoriasis, he could die of emotional burdens. The soul would haveleft his body without a fight. If Jay doesn’t die of emotional burdens moresickness may follow. In the end, it would be more than microorganismsfeeding on this host. It could be the deteriorating soul feeding the lifeof Jay.

It is true that Psoriasis is a dreadful curse. However, stress ismore like a cancer that grows – a spreading scourge! Several studies evenattest that stress impacts the immune system. Stress feeds the courage ofthe Psoriatics and makes the immune system fail. On the other hand,findings show that good developments are present without stress. If stressis lessened, the spread of diseases like Psoriasis is lessened too.

It alsoholds true in lessening the risks of any sickness like such. Therapeuticsessions were recorded to have been more effective withoutstress.Prescribed medicines work well with the body’s immune system if the body isstress-free.

Even doctors find it easier to help patients when they’re notstressed. Healing process starts when no hindrance from the body’s immunesystem. Indeed, stress management could have been the best medicine forJay. A positive outlook may have helped the immune system function well.Without fear, he could’ve learned other solutions aside from medicines.

Itcould’ve also been his best defense for more dreadful diseases. After all,all miracles happen when it is stress-free. Maybe his miracle is justinnate.

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