MIBMen and Jay figured out what the alien,

MIBMen and Jay figured out what the alien,

MIBMen In Black is a secret organization of people who do their best in saving the world. The people of MIB are specially trained to save the world from aliens who try to destroy the world. The story is about two people named, Kay and Jay, who save the world from an alien bug, named Edgar. Jay was recruited into the organization, after meeting Kay. The organization is made up of men, women, and aliens.The book is about an officer named James Edward III (Jay) who meets a man in a black suit from an organization, the man name Kay. Jay meets Kay at a park after Jay gets into an incident with a disappearing man.

Then Jay gets into the organization and is shown the headquarters.Then Jay finds more about the plant and understands how the government is really lying to the people about the alien sighting. Jay goes on his first assignment with Kay to find out about more incidences that have occurred in the past few days. They both go to a newsstand and Kay picks up a new paper on tabloids and tells Jay that this was their resource.Then the two go off to a farm to find out more an alien that stole her husbands skin.

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Kay examines the place and the wreck that the alien left. They leave the farm and go to the city and find the man, but they could not do anything to stop him so the y let him get away. Then Kay meets a friend in a restaurant who dies, so Kay and Jay take the body to an autopsy to help his friend and then the lady that works there finds out who they are.

The next night Kay and Jay figured out what the alien, Edgar, was going to do and where he was going to do it. They both go there and stop Edgar from destroying the world with the help of the lady from the autopsy, El. They kill Edgar and Kay tells Jay the he was going to retire and that El was going to be his new partner.

Character List:Kay:A white male who is in his mid to late 40s. Role in novel:He is one out of who save the world from Edgar.Jay:A black male who is in his early 30s.

Role in novel:He is the other person who saves the world from Edgar.Edgar:A big alien bug.Role in novel:Wants to destroy every fleshy on Earth.

Favorite Character:My favorite character is Jay.Personality:He is energetic, full of himself, and outspoken.Physical:Medium built, black hair, and dark skin.Role in novel:Main character saves the world from an alien who wants to destroy the fleshy.Worries and trouble:New York cop who found out that there are aliens on Earth. Does not know if he is going to be eaten by an alien.Changes:Yes, he does change, all data on previous life has been deleted.

Fingerprints have been changed. Excepts the knowledge that there are aliens who live with the human race. He learns that we are not alone.Opinion:He is a cool person.Main Conflict:The main conflict is when Edgar battles Kay and Jay near the end.

Edgar is trying to destroy the fleshy, but Kay and Jay wont let him. They both have to make sure that they protect the world from alien scum. Edgar captures El and takes her to his space ship, but before they get to the ship, Kay and Jay blow it up.

Edgar eats Kays gun, but Kay wants his gun back, so he goes in after it. Then he comes out of Edgars stomach by shooting his way out. Thinking that Edgar is dead they walk off, but to their surprise Edgar is still alive and still tries to kill them. The El comes out with Jays gun and shots Edgar, after the shots there is nothing left but little fragment of Edgar.Your Opinion:The story was well put, very interesting plot and views. The novel made images pop-up while it was is read. I thing recommending the novel to others would be a good idea.

The book makes the reader think about the story and image that appears. For example, when the narrator was describing MIBs headquarters to the reader, images of each thing that was being described appeared. The aliens that were working with the computer, the big screen TV that can be role up, the four different floors, the sixtys look, and the different type of race that work at the organization.Words/ Pages : 773 / 24

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