I. Recently, a famous cosmetic entrepreneur labelled a woman ugly and making fun at dark-skinned people on live television and the netizens are sympathised with the unlucky woman whom he referred as ugly.

a) Imagine little girls watching the stunt at home, it might affect their confidence and self-esteem. Feeling helpless and insecure, some girls could turn to dangerous whitening pills and injections just to have fair skin.
b) Judging physical appearance and publicly shaming people can be misleading. It leads to disappointment and it can cause low self-esteem.
c) Sad isn’t it? people nowadays are obsessed with beauty especially women. They tend to think that having a fair skin is better and it can boost up their confidence. We live in a country where skin colour is used as a parameter to judge beauty.

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II. I have done my research regarding this issue. A study has found that some young Asians, including Malaysians, resort to cheap cosmetics to whiten their skin.

a) This is because they could not afford to purchase the expensive and branded cosmetics. So, the young people decided to go for a counterfeit products which are cheaper.
b) due to lack of knowledge, netizens are more concern about cosmetics. In this era, we are influenced by testimonies. The marketers use them to attract the buyers. In our society, testimonies are marketing tool however they are not comprehensive science.

III. So, this is why we should change our mindset that we don’t to be of a certain skin colour to be accepted.

A. We need to acknowledge the effects of taking skin whitening pills and injections.
B. Skin whitening is defined as a process to lighten skin tone by using chemical substances and reduces the concentration of melanin. skin whitening can harm you physically and mentally.
C. Although skin whitening treatment is harmful, there are still some people still buying skin whitening products and going for injections.

IV. So today, I would like to persuade everyone to stop and boycott whitening skin product because it will harm you at long cause.

(Transition: Now you may say to yourself “is it too bad to have dark skin? what is so attractive of having fair skin?)


I. Well ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you why skin whitening creams and injections are harmful.

A. Most of the skin whitening products contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and hydroquinone. These chemicals will react to the production of melanin that will affect skin colour.

1. The function of mercury is to lighten and bleach the skin, however it can damage your nerves and kidneys once it is absorbed by the sun. It also may interfere with the development of brain in unborn child.
2. Cosmetics products that contain hydroquinone are usually for skin lightening and to treat uneven skin tones. Hydroquinone can cause serious health hazard if it is taken excessively. It leads to kidney and liver failure, abdominal pains and even coma.
3. Skin whitening ingredients work in 2 ways. It is either by absorbing ultraviolet rays and blocking the sun from darkening the skin and by reducing the production of melanin.
4. According to The News Straits Times dated December 2016 reported that in most cases many of the products can increase the number of kidney failure in roughly five years. Thus, cancer might develop with long-term exposure.

B. The second problem is that consumers itself.

1. They are not equipped themselves with enough information of the product before deciding to test it out.
2. Moreover, the consumers do not realise the effects after consuming the products. There are few skin whitening treatments such as creams, pills and injections. However, the treatments are expensive and not everyone can afford. So, mostly Asian women consume illegal products that contain toxic chemicals without knowing the side effects.
3. A senior dermatologist at Boston’s Mass General Hospital, Dr . Ernesto Gonzalez said that the best protection for your skin against the UV rays is pigment, melanin. the fairer the skin, the more chances one will be subjected to skin cancer.
(Transition: now you know the problem of consuming skin whitening products, you may be asking yourself these questions: “How to prevent from consuming the skin whitening products and how to heal your skin from chemical damage due to whitening creams?”

II. There are several ways to prevent from consuming the skin whitening products and how to heal your skin from chemical damage.

A. Firstly, if you are still looking for a fairer skin with less side-effects, it is better to use natural skin lighteners.
a) There are few natural alternatives such as lactic acid and lemon juice. Pomegranate extract and vitamin E oral supplements also slow down the production of melanin.
b) Secondly, a daily exfoliant may do the trick. This apply for less extreme cases of uneven skin tone.
c) You should talk to your dermatologist before using a skin lightener and make sure there is no mercury in the product. Amount of hydroquinone in a skin lightener product must be less than 2%. If it is not stated, do not assume it is safe to use. This is because, some products contain more hydroquinone

B. Other than that, there are ways to restore your skin to its original health after consuming the products.

a) The first thing to do is, clean up your diet and lifestyle. You should include more fruits and vegetables in your diet.
b) Besides that, you should get consultation from dermatologist in skin bleaching reversal process.
c) Consumers should need to stop using cosmetic product if experienced any negative effects. They should also avoid excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen that contains SPF more than 30.

(Transition: So, imagine that you are consuming skin whitening products excessively)

I. The aim of the skin whitening products is to lighten dark spots and to get paler skin. Well, let me tell you what will happen to your skin if you consume too much whitening products.

A. Firstly, hydroquinone leads to ochronosis.
a) This condition will cause the person to develop large blackish discolouration. Sadly, they bought the cream in hope that it will lighten the dark spots.
b) Hydroquinone also can cause mild redness,


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