Stress at work place

Stress at work place

Stress at work place (Health care setup) SYNOPSIS FOR RESEARCH PROJECT Submitted to the Board of Advanced Studies and Research Dow University of Health Sciences In partial fulfillment of the requirement For the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Health Management) By Surraya Shahab Institute of Health Management Dow University of Health Sciences Karachi, Pakistan March, 2018 SUPERVISOR Syed Luqman Hakim Assistant Professor, Hamdard Institute of Management Sciences, H AMDARD UNIVERSITY, KARACHI. Declaration of content I surraya shahab hereby declare that this paper titled To identify the level of frequency of the job stressors and its effects on employee performance (Health care setup) carried out under the supervision of MR. Luqman submitted to Dow medical composed entirely by me and my own work and freelance analysis and authorship. References are used other than that no work has been plagiarized/copied from other work. Surraya Shahab MBA V1 Student 28/8/2018 Acknowledgement It is by the blessing of Almighty Allah, which enabled me to complete this dissertation. I wish to express my gratitude to all my teachers who have guided me I am greatly indebted Prof. Luqman Hakim my supervisor, for his inspiration, helpful guidance and encouragement, which enabled me to complete this task. Thanks, Regards, Surraya Shahab Table of contentDeclarationAcknowledgment Chapter 11.1Introduction( Background of Research) 1.2 Problem Statement 1.3 Research Objective 1.4 Scope of Study 1.5Limitations Chapter 22.1 Literature Review 2.1 Literature Review 2.2 Stress Model and one Theory 2.3 Causes of stress 2.4 Research Methodology 2.5Data Analysis and Finding 2.6Conclusion2.7References CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of Research In ordinary life, nearly all people are subjected to a huge variety of pressures. Even though nowadays, there are numerous huge levels of assets and strategies for coping with stress. But still it has come to be greatly globalized and has the tendency to have an effect on all workers regardless of the task profile or category. Beehr and Newman (1978) described stress as a situation which forces someone to deviate from its ordinary functioning because of alternation in psychological or physiological condition. Occupational stress is described as the strain to which people are subjected when demands and expectations are out of keeping with their capabilities and skills. Stress begins during a wide variety of labor atmosphere therefore its usually created worse once workers feel that they need no support from higher authority and colleagues, and notice to regulate over work processes. Stress isnt always awful, as a few people are derived to work a whole lot higher with positive quantity of stress because it provides them motivation, creativity and moderate feeling of excitement however the challenge lies where in too much strain or repeated stress can have negative bodily, intellectual and emotional results on someones mind and body. Potential of a person to address it could mean the difference between fulfillment and failure for themselves. A person cant manage everything in their work environment however, that doesnt suggest being powerless even if caught in a tough state of associations. The bottom line is, awareness on the one aspect thats always within a persons control. In addition Interventions like figuring out the symptoms of pressure, identifying the possible reasons for the signs and symptoms and developing feasible proposed answers for each symptom are required. Therefore, this study will try to discover the outcomes of occupational pressure on job performance and interventions that may be applied with the aid of management and employees to control strain efficiently. 1.2 Problem Statement The main focus of this study is to identify the factors causing to work stress and its impact on employee performance in the health care setting. 1.3 Research Objective To identify the root cause of work-related stress and analyze the factors associated with job stress. To recognize the impact of stress on employees performance in a health care setup. To evaluate the total impact of work related stress on organization productivity. To develop into the inadequacy of the managers and the employers of the organization in dealing with issues related to job stress at workplace. 1.3Hypothesis H1 there is a positive relationship between job related stress and employees poor performance 1.4Scope of Study It is healthcare sector study to conduct in private tertiary care hospitals. All registered doctor, nurses and healthcare staff who worked in ICU and other wards. Participant is eligible if they are full time registered working in hospital unit. They will have at least two-year experience in hospital to be consider. This topic is interesting and important to address at workplace in health care set up. Through this study we can identify different aspects causing stress, its sign symptom and approaches to control the stress level. The higher management should find out the stress causing factor and try to resolve them. Inclusion Criteria Private hospital Doctors Nurses Clinical professions Healthcare providers 1.5Limitations First a convenience sample will be used. The questionnaire will be administered only to those who give their consent to participate. This can limit the generalizability of the results. Time frame could be limited CHAPTER 2 2.1 Literature Review In these days dynamic business surroundings, organizational changes and techniques of addressing them are widely wide-spread as they are trying to find to stabilize results of occupational pressure to worker overall performance across places. According to the modern-day international fitness agency(WHO) definition, occupational related stress is the response people may have when presented with work demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope. HSEs formal definition of work associated stress isThe damaging response humans need to excessive pressures or different varieties of call for located on them at work. According to Steve, (2011) stress is resulted as a reaction of an employee when certain demands, pressures and professional aspects have to be faced at the work place which does not match their knowledge levels there by posing a challenge and threat to the capabilities of the employee which in turn would create a struggle for existence in terms of being employed in a place. In step with Jaffe, Smith and Segal, (2007) specific professional context additionally creates pressure conditions to the personnel on the work location. While the employ feels that he / she isnt always being supported by their managers / leaders or colleagues when they dont have control. Pressures, that are not matched to their know-how and talents and which task their capability to manage. According to (Richard, 2005) person appraisal is encouraged with the aid of his/her level of well being and ability to cope with capability stressor in the interim under particular environmental conditions. Some jobs produce extra stress than others, e.g., those involving rotating shifts work, device paced obligations, ordinary and repetitive paintings, or hazardous surroundings among others. Stress additionally differs through organizational level. Work-related stress can be representing as individual dealt with strange working scenario with work demands and pressures which cannot be compromised based on their knowledge and abilities. Middle level managers may be care worn by way of information of drawing close downsizing, supervisory stress encompass pressures to increase excellent and customer support, requirement to take care of numerous conferences and responsibility for the work of others even as low level people may additionally enjoy pressure because of perceived loss of manage, resource shortages, call for a large quantity of blunders free paintings (Noer, 2011). According (Allen, 2011) Organizational exchange characterized by means of steady activity layoffs or firing is an apparent stressor, however many different elements relate to agency coverage, shape, bodily conditions and techniques can also be stressors. Response to persistent work stress is known as burnout (Freudian Berger, 2013). Its far a syndrome or emotional exhaustion and suspicion that arise frequently amongst people (Maslach 2013), (Worley et al, 2008). It is three-dimensional syndrome regarding emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and reduced private accomplishment (Byrne, 2010). A stress-control model of process pressure is advanced and examined with current country wide survey information from Sweden and the US. This model predicts that mental stress results from the interaction of task needs and task choice range. Stress related hazards at workplace can be explained into work content and work context. Work content includes – working hours will include strict or inflexible, long and unsocial, unpredictable, badly designed shift system. Job insecurity like career development, status and pay. Very little promotion opportunities, work of low social value, piece rate payment schemes, inadequate evaluation systems. The culture of the organization can be seen from improper communication, improper leadership, negative behavior. 2.2 Stress Model and one Theory According to (Caplan1987, French, Capl is an and Van Harrison 1982) The person Environment Fit theory is one of the initial interactional theories of work related psychological distress, signifying that work related stress arises due to a lack of fit between the individual skills, resources and abilities, and the demands of the work environment. The interaction may happen between objective realities and subjective views and between environmental variables and individual variables. According to (French, Rodgers and Cobb 1974) Stress can occur when there is a lack of fit between either the degree to which an employees attitudes and abilities meet the demands of the job or the extent to which the job environment meets the workers needs. As per (Lazarus 1986, Lazarus and Folkman 1987) the most commonly used transactional theory suggests that stress is the direct product of a transaction between an individual and their environment which may due to their resources and thus threaten their health. The new version of this theoretical model suggests that it is the appraisal of this transaction that offers a causal pathway that may better express the nature of the underlying psychological and physiological mechanisms which support the whole process and experience of stress. Kristof (1996) explained that the compatibility between people and organizations that occurs when at least one entity provides what the other needs, they share similar fundamental characteristics. According to Boone and Hartog, 2011 the high aspect of person organization fit, which indicate consecutive and shared values among fellow workers. According to (Gregory et al a 2010) the attraction selection attrition theory says that people are attracted to and find work for organizations where they notice high levels of person organization fit. (Andrews, Baker, Hunt, 2010) explained that strong person organization fit will lead to consecutive turnover and amplified organizational individual attitude. Another aspect elaborates by (Kristof-Brown Guay, 2011) that Personjob fit, to the corresponds between a persons behavior and those of a planned job. The unknown of secondary models of job satisfaction and stress that indicate on employees needs and readiness which says supplies provided by their job. (Palmer, Cooper and Thomas 2003) model explore the stress related hazards and source of stress faced by employees at work place. The critical symptoms of stress are also set out, and these symptoms relate to the organization, as well as the individual. The negative outcomes are outlined for both an individuals physical and mental health, however beyond this, outcomes are presented as financial losses for both feel uncomfortable the individual and the organization. 2.3 Causes of stress There are different kinds of stress at different point of time and will have lots of impact on human body. Work Overload Work overload will cause physical and emotional exhaustion that result symptoms likeheadaches, abdomencomplaints and difficulties in sleeping. When the employees feel overloaded them usually dont share with their colleagues and boss. Failing to share their feeling can lead to burnout. Fear Employees who fear job loss can take shorter breaks, or performing extra work hours voluntarily. They usually they came early for work, and stay longer hours. They work hard and show dedication to increase the profile so that they may not lose the job. They may not avail their sick and causal even when its needed. Work force Bullying Work force bulling is one of the challenging parts where people at workplace harassment can contain offensiveness, gossiping, giving unbearable deadlines, sexist remarks and additional. There are times when we are gracious, we try to be caring, and we try to give back. Then, it is not every person has this plan. The special effects of bullying are so destructive some professionals stated that they are worse than sexual harassment. The psychological sign symptoms consist inability to concentrate and loss of motivation at time lack of commitment to work when it needs. Psychological Support Psychological support from management is very much important to feel the employees have greater job attachment, job commitment, job satisfaction, job involvement. If the employees feel good and they are in good work mood they will perform well. Organizational culture According to (Deal Kennedy, 2000) stated that organizational culture is the way things are done around here. Other definitions stress employee behavioral components, and how organizational culture directly influences the behaviors of employees within an organization. The culture of organization should be open, secure and trustable so that the employees evolved mutual trust, and can understand each other values. The organization should have a health focused culture to increased employees overall health, their job satisfaction and organizational commitment. The management role should be supportive and encourage the employee growth and empowerment. Involve them in the decision making process and polish their skills so that they can be prepare for future position. Working hours Most of the health care worker have long working hours and they are performing shift work which can cause common stressors. These common stressors can lead to mental efficiency, increased blood pressure, increased metabolic rate, and blood sugar level. The employees involved for long hours are more prone for coronary heart disease. 2.4 Research Methodology Research strategy It is quantitative descriptive study involving 100 doctors, nurses and healthcare providers working in tertiary care hospital. Data I will be collect from healthcare provider from private care hospital. (Tertiary care) Definition of Population Large size 100 bed private hospital will be included. Sampling Technique Methods for administering survey Self-administered survey will be administered to collect the data. Survey instrument The survey will be carried out by preparing a questionnaire covering the relevant factors related to stress. Methods for data analysis Data will be analyzed through statistical package of social science (SPSS) software. 2.5 Data Analysis and Finding The collected data evaluated by using means and percentages. Secondly, the analysis of the data using numerical methods, interpretations are carried out by using these analyzed data. Each objective are analyzed and discussed by using Graph, diagrams, tables. Objective 1 To find out the factors which positively and negatively influence The aim of this question is to identify the different factors which are positively and negatively effect in the job satisfaction of employees are analyzed. Worker relationship is important to achieve good work performance Relationship among workers is important to get a good level of work performance. Total employees 240 N60 OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree4575Agree1017Neutral35Disagree23.3Strongly Disagree00 Out of 60 respondents 45 employees respondents strongly agree, 10 replied agree and 3 were responded neutral regarding the relationship to get a good job satisfaction level. That they are not aware about the significance of interpersonal relationship to get a good job satisfaction level.75 employees responds as strongly agree and 17 were agree and 3.3 of the respondents disagreed to the statement. The collected data we can interpreted that satisfaction. Most of the employees consider good interpersonal as significant factor and it can positively contribute to the job From the data, it can be interpreted that great majority of respondents consider good interpersonal relationship among workers as significant factor which can positively contribute to the job satisfaction level of employee. Salary is a good source of work performance. OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree3660Agree1525Neutral58Disagree47Strongly Disagree0000Total60100 35 out of 60 staffs responded that salary has a great effect on staff motivation. 16 staffs marked agree and 5 neutrals, 4 were disagree. Although there are many other factor in an organization which can influence staff motivation towards jobs like environment but still salary and other benefits are considered as great motivational factor by employees. Poor working condition can make negative impact on employees performance. OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree3457Agree1830Neutral35Disagree58Strongly Disagree0000Total60100 34 out of 60 which is 57 were strongly agree with the state with the mint that poor working condition can negatively impact on employees performance.18 out of 60(18) were agree and 5 out of 60(8) were not agree with the statement and 5 were nor agree or nor disagree. Management support is vital to get a well employee performance level. OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree4270Agree1220Neutral47Disagree23Strongly Disagree000Total60100 70 of Employees responded that management role is very important in the employees performance level and 12(20 ) employees were agreeing with the statement. 4 out of 60 (7) remain neutral and 2(3) disagree with the above statement. Only 2 employee responded that manager has no any role in job satisfaction but no one strongly disagree with this statement. We can analysis that almost all the respondents strongly believe that manager support is very much important for them to achieve a good job satisfaction. The data also show that the absence of actual support and strong relation with the manager can negatively impact in their job satisfaction level. Chance of employee professional growth increases the Employee performance level OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree4067Agree1423Neutral37Disagree33Strongly Disagree000Total60100 Objective 2.To identify the relationship among work stress and employee performance in the selected institute. This question is framed to directly asses the thoughts of employees about their job satisfaction and level of employees performance. The correlation is analyzed and discussed. Problem among employees working relationship can reduce employees performance level. N 60 OptionFrequencypercentageYES5592NO58Total60100 55 employees out of 6 responded as yes that they have sensed that, problem among workers could lead to lower satisfaction level which ultimately lead to poor performance and they felt stress. We have analyzed easily that interpersonal relationship among worker is very important aspect to achieve good performance. Satisfactory salary incentives increase employee performance. OptionFrequencyPercentageYES5795NO35Total60100 95 employees agree with this statement that, increment in salary helps to enhance the job satisfaction leve Work related frustration can negatively impact on employee performance. OptionFrequencyPercentageYES5490NO610Total60100 90 of the respondent share that they have been through the work related frustration. These frustration leads to stress and ultimately effect and reduce their performance level and quality. It can show a strong correlation of job satisfaction and the employee performance level. Objective 3 To quantify the employees work related stress level in health care setup. I feel my career is secure due to management support OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree33Agree1423Neutral37Disagree4067Strongly Disagree000Total60100 Above date shows that 67 of the employees disagreed to the statement.23 disagree and 7 remained neutral and 3 were strongly agree. We can interpreted that majority of employees dont have feeling secure regarding their job. This insecurity can lead to reduce the job satisfaction. I have a proper connection to the work place OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree813Agree1220Neutral58Disagree3558Strongly Disagree000Total60100 The collected data shows that 58 of employee were disagree with the statement and they are not feel comfortable to the people at work.13 strongly agree and 20were strongly agree and 8 neutral. This result displays that most of the employees are not contented with the interpersonal relationship among workers and only 18 are very much satisfied working with each other. Interpersonal relationship between very employees are very much important for good and satisfied work performance and it can lead to job satisfaction. It can also enhance the motivation of staffs. I feel that my institute is good place for work. OptionFrequencyPercentageStrongly Agree47Agree4270Neutral23Disagree1220Strongly Disagree000Total60100 70 employees answer agree that they are satisfied to work there and12 were disagree3 remain neutral. Most of the employees are feel good at working in their institute.7 are strongly agreed that they are happy working in the institute. From this study it can be analyzed that 12 employees are dissatisfied in their could be due to many reason may be they are not interested their work. I trust on my management that they are concerned about me N 60 Strongly Agree47Agree2033Neutral1017Disagree2643Strongly Disagree000Total60100 On view of the total 60 employees, 7 strongly agrees that they trust that management is concerned about their employees.33 of the employees answered that they are agree with the statement. 17 of the participant stated that they even dont able to know that whether the high authority is concerned about the employees or not. Though 43 not agree to the report that they dont trust that management is worried about the employees. We can study that most of the employees are dont think that the management is concerned for them. This data very important because good job satisfaction and better performance can only be achieved when staffs has loyal with the management. How management give value their staffs is very intensely interconnected 2.6 Conclusion Steve,(2011) explained that stress is caused as a result of an employee once certain demands, pressures and expert features have to be confronted at the work place which does not match their understanding levels. They faced challenges and feel threatened to their capabilities of the employees. Work place can be consider healthy when it is possible to be suitable in relation to their capabilities and resources. Therefore, it can get support people who matter to them. Researches shows that deficiencies in the management and organization of work are the main cause of stress and that work place stress may have a negative impact for workers including physical mental illness. Moreover, increased absenteeism, increased turnover and decrease productivity and motivation. The collected data shows that most of the total participants agree to the fact that salary and promotion opportunities in the work place as significantly pay important role to the job satisfaction level of worker. It is also positively impact the employees to have good job satisfaction level. Secondly, the participants responded that the working environment in the working place can make great influence on their job satisfaction level. If the condition is poor it can negatively impact the job satisfaction level. Most of the participant respond the question that higher job satisfaction level can leads to higher worker performance. We can anticipate that the employee believes higher job satisfaction leads to good job performance. Most of the employees were disagree that they dont feel job security regarding their job position. This feeling can decreased job satisfaction and ultimately disturb the worker performance. The result also show that most of the participant disagree to the statement which shows that they dont feel close to the people at work gives a perfect sign of dissatisfaction among employees regarding interpersonal relationship among workers. Worker relationship at work place have a countless influence on the satisfaction level interested work performance. Most of the participant responded that disagree to the statement that management is concerned about the employees. While some employees does not know about the management plan for employees. We can analysis that only half of the respondents have feeling that management is concerned about them. This is very important to higher job satisfaction and good performance. Stress in the work place is becoming the epidemic of the recent century. Most of the stress at work place is not only due to work overload, but also lake of management support, rewards, c. Every organization should start to manage people at workplace with respect and value to their contribution. 2.7 References Steve, Williams, (2011), managing workplace stress a best practice blueprint, Volume 1 of Fast track series, Publisher Wiley, Original from Cornell University, 78-84 Cary, L. Cooper, (2011), Occupational Health and Safety for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing, 89-94 JaffeGill, E., Smith, M., Larson, H., Segal J. (2007). Understanding stress Signs, symptoms, causes, and effects. Online. Retrieved from http// on September 4, 2013 https// Health Balance Stress ManagementIn Kaplan and Sadocks Synopsis of Psychiatry, 10th ed., pp. 813-838. … In BJ Sadock et al., eds., Kaplan and Sadocks Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, 9th ed., vol. 2, pp. 2804-2832. … In JE Pizzorno, MT Murray, eds., Textbook of Natural Medicine, 4th ed., pp. 547-554. 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