James Sveck

James Sveck

James Sveck, a mature and sensitive young man, who has a deep love for the world, but has no idea how to live in it. He does not have social intercourse with other people around him, which is clear in the author’s novel; Someday this pain will be useful to you. His parents divorced was a long time ago but that separation between his parents has affected James very immensely. His relationship with the past directly affected his decisions and personality with the present. James is an adult and an intelligent 18 years old boy, who is having tons of problems finding his place somewhere in the world. He feels extremely lonely and keep himself isolated from the world and has no ambition to reach out and make relations with other people. Since his parents divorced each other, his family is completely broken, and from then, he is having a hard time finding love again.
His older sister, Gillian Sveck, is in an open relationship with her English professor, Rainer Maria Schultz. Already, James does not have any good examples for love, which seemingly doesn’t help him pave his way into friendships, relationships and romance. Obviously, he has no one to guide his way through relationships, as his even mother and sister fail at their own relationships and his father is not close enough to James to make a connection with somebody. It’s look like as though James doesn’t know himself or he doesn’t know what is happening around him and the world.
Here, this fits the book, and his personality, perfectly because the person who is reading this book, is now be able to experience his lack of place in the world while also being restrained from knowing everything in his head. The separation of his parents is responsible for his quiescent and reserved personality. James has no experience with relationships, so he pushes them away to keep himself safe. The only person James truly connects and love with is his grandmother. His grandmother always tries to give him advice about the things that causes trouble to James, but her advice is for a different generation and is irrelevant to James except for one piece of advice. She said, “Someday this pain will be useful to you.”
This message that his grandmother said was a motivation to James outlook on life, although it was not until much later when he realized it. Later, he begins to realize that he is who he is because of experiences and the consequence they
all produced. At that moment, James reached the top of his needs, achieving self-realization and coming to terms with who he is. James’s grandmother’s word of intelligence indirectly helped him to overcome the pain caused by his parent’s divorce. His parent’s divorce very extremely affect James’ personality, but in the end, the pain he suffered from the past, finally became the strength that he needed to realize who he truly is and accept all his weakness which created a piece of writing, about a broken character who is trying to live in a world he did not fit in, into work of artistic literature.


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