No agreed that adults should make important decisions

No agreed that adults should make important decisions

No one knows me as well as my parents.

No one wants the best for me like my parents. It is agreed that adults should make important decisions for their teen age children. They are experienced, know child’s abilities, spend money, give time and most of all love their children will explain my point.

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Firstly, parents are experienced, gained ample knowledge from their experiences during their lives and they know their child’s abilities better than the child himself. For example if a child wants to ride a bike on the river bank and his father stopped him but he did not listen.An accident happened, which disabled him for the rest of his life than whose mistake is that? Of course every one blames his father because he is his adult. From this it is clear that children are allowed to make decisions and also allowed to make mistakes but not blunders because they are not mature enough to take all the important decisions of their lives. Secondly, parents give birth to their children, spend money for them, do things which makes them comfortable.

For example parents sacrifice a lot of things for their children, their freedom, their dreams, mother bear a lot of difficulties to rise her children so they should have the right to tell their children what is good and what is bad for them. In summary, adults have the right to make important decisions for teen age children but parents should respect the teen age children, should listen to their problems with sympathy and should help them take sound and effective decisions. After analyzing this topic, it is predicted that adults should take important decisions but their behaviour should be positive and exemplary for their children.

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