By masculinity in general. Section III covers intelligence.

By masculinity in general. Section III covers intelligence.

By definition, a hottie, is not in the dictionary; therefore, we shall define hot, and take hottie to be the noun form. Hot is an adjective meaning, having or marked by great heat; higher in temperature than normal; highly spiced; characterized by warmth of emotion; and arousing excitement and attention. So what determines the difference between the indefinite meaning of a hottie and the possessive meaning of a hottie? Let’s think, have you ever walked past a girl and felt your head turn, thinking, Damn, she’s hot!? Well, obviously, we do the same for guys.

Usually, a guy who is hot turns our heads for a second, and that one second only. On some occasions, a guy displays such hotness that he is later chosen as a conversation piece. Recall from Chapter 1 that saying, or thinking, that a guy is hot leaves no strings attached. We have no ultimate need for this male; he is merely a nice object to look at. This is what we define as the indefinite meaning of the word hottie. Proper use in a sentence includes, Oh my gosh, did you catch Paul Walker in his latest flick? He sure is a hottie! Please note usage of the article a.

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Now, progressing onto the more personal meaning of the word: the possessive meaning of hottie. When does a boy become not just a hottie or the hottie, but my hottie or her hottie? Let’s consider a few factors. On an estimated 99.

7% of females’ checklists for what they look for in a male counterpart, there are five major sections. Part I covers appearance. This is obviously physical appearance, which includes eyes, hair, body, face, little blonde arm hairs, etc. This section also covers factors such as neatness, wellness of grooming, clothing and style, personal hygiene, facial hair, and posture. You get the point.

Section II is similar, but consists of what is grouped together as athletic ability. This includes body tones (muscular build), athletic participation and achievement, recreational activities, physical fitness level, strength, and overall masculinity in general. Section III covers intelligence.

This includes a broad range of crucial details such as: wit, depth, emotional connection, ability to understand and relate to us and other people, common sense, performance in school, composure to hold a decent conversation, knowing what’s going on in the world around you, speed of thought, ability to react and adjust to a new and/or emergency situation, etc. Section IV covers overall kindness. Are you a sweetheart? Do you commit random acts of thought and kindness? Are you emotional to not only our, but other people’s needs? How do you treat your family and friends? Do you respect others? Do you have a deep, strong emotional connection with us? Are you comforting, reliable, loyal, compassionate, and caring? And so on.

Lastly, Section V covers sense of humor. Can you take a joke? Can you make a joke? Do you make us smile or laugh? Do you know when to stop, or where crossing the line of you’ve gone too far lies? Are you affable and easy to get along with? Are you easygoing? Are you laid-back and spontaneous? Do you smile a lot? Do you enjoy the little pleasures of life? As you can now plainly see, a lot goes into what makes a man the possessive hottie, a.k.

a. MY hottie. If a girl truly treasures a guy as her hottie, not just a hottie, then he possesses a high rating from the rubric above. If a guy is considered to have reached the status of the possessive hottie, who knows, his Section I rating may not even be especially high, but what goes into the other four sections makes up for it so dearly, that Section I rises naturally. For what is hot about the possessive hottie? Not only his body, but also his heart.

For what lies within him is able to provoke excitement, as Webster requests of a hot object. This is the difference between not just a hottie, but my hottie.Creative Writing

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