As we continue reading Catching fire

As we continue reading Catching fire

As we continue reading Catching fire, the story gets more and more interesting. The book goes on revealing more about the personalities and feelings of each new character. These interesting details are all depicted in different scenes. One of the scenes that had a deep effect and a strong impact on me was when Katniss met Bonnie and Twill.
When I started reading chapter 10, I found myself having many different emotions. In page 139, Suzanne Collins writes “She’s dressed in an ill fitting peacekeeper’s uniform complete with the white fur cloak.” When I read this I was really confused, I thought they were going to kill Katniss because she was trespassing into the woods. I felt much better when Twill tells Katniss that they are from District 8. “And this is Bonnie, We’ve run from District Eight.” (page 140) I was much more relieved thinking that they weren’t going to kill Katniss. Later on, Suzanne Collins decides to give us a sightly hint about what might be going to happen in the book. Suzanne collins writes “They’ve been using the same footage for as long as anyone in District Eight can remember… Up in the far right-hand corner… A mockingjay. Just a glimpse of it as it flies by. The same one every time.” (page 146-147). When I read this, I had so many questions just like Katniss. My first thought was maybe they are right, maybe District 13 was rebuilt and they could help all the other districts revolt.
In the movie version of Catching Fire, we can see that the producer cut the whole scene out. I think the producer this did because he doesn’t have a lot of time to include all of the scenes in the movie. Another thought I had as for why the producer decided to cut this scene out was because it will probably reveal the ending which is really important and powerful in the movie.
As this scene and its significance have been critically analyzed, in my opinion, the book version of this scene was way much more impactful than the movie. First of all because it wasn’t portrayed in the movie, second of all because in the book showed many details and helped the story develope and it put some new thoughts on Katniss’ mind.


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