It total pandemonium… The shop owners were

It total pandemonium… The shop owners were

It was a smoggy winter morning… The feeble sunshine was trying to warm my bedroom.

.. The chirps of the morning birds started entering into my ears.

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.. From under the quilt I searched for the mobile phone and switched on one of the Bengali FM radio channels… The Kolkata special winter morning just started.

.. At around half past 6 o’clock, when the morning mist was just fading away, we sat down with cups of hot tea… We started playing the Gayatri Mantra..

. We looked out of the window..

. The momentum of the nearby roadside market was just getting started..

.The chit-chat of the school going children were gradually becoming audible…

We got ready to visit the roadside vegetable market… We took a drab carry bag that is popularly called the “Bazarer Thole” in Bengali..

. Once we reached the vegetable market, it was a total pandemonium… The shop owners were furiously trying to draw the attention of the customers with their loud, not-so-soothing voice..

. However, its a very common scene at any market place of Kolkata…

And I think it shows the energy level of a thriving market place…If one becomes timid, it would be difficult for him to do the marketing at these market places…

While returning from the Bazar, we picked up few newspapers from a roadside vendor… Here I would like to share one aspect of this city.

.. Here reading newspapers and getting involved in the discussions about almost all of the news at the roadside adda is considered one of the most favourite pass-times..

. Although people of Calcutta are changing and getting accustomed to the mad office time rushes, but the very basic nature of adda of Kolkatabasi is one of the finest attractions for aam-aadmi as well as intellectuals…I have travelled to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad..

. Its difficult to get newspaper from roadside stalls at these places…

But the roadside adda with a cup of tea and a news paper is something unique for Kolkata… People of Kolkata are a bit laid-back..

. They don’t race against time…

A good afternoon nap is not quite uncommon for the people of Kolkata… However, Kolakatabasi are changing and adapting to the new “time is money” culture…

Let me end this discussion with the views of a guy who is seeing the changing face of Kolkata after a long time…With the mad rushes of Digital and Mobile technologies, with our blind one-sided view towards the definition of development, with the high adrenaline of the market economy, with the sprawling hi-tech shopping malls, with the centrally air-conditioned call-centers and BPO offices, with college street loosing its significance in the wake of digital library, with the adda at the old kolkata coffee house giving its way to the discussion over a cup of coffee at the brand-conscious modern air-conditioned coffee shop, will Kolkata leave behind its old-styled definition as the cultural hub of the country.

.. Only time can answer..

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