1) Martha is the president of the

1) Martha is the president of the

1) Martha is the president of the Trap ease company but it doesn’t seem that they have done enough research on the product. Is the product a necessity and the market really in need of such a product? They just speak how innovative the product is a new invention and they just rave about it. I do agree that they have some presentable features, such as it can also be used as use and throw, it is not messy and the safety aspects of the product. But a mission statement that there would be nothing better that it is not acceptable.

May be something like “the ease of use and the hygiene” aspects can be considered in the statement. 2) Martha’s main target segment is the women but she should have been more specific and details. The global economy is changing and many women are working professionals, the house-wife segment is shrinking. The target could have been a broad category targeting people who are spinsters, working and house wives etc.

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Other target segments would be even the work places and factories.Targeting and marketing to families with children so that in any way it is not going to be hazardous for the kids at home because you are not going to use any sort of medicine or poison. It is reusable and is economical. 3) The trap ease mouse trap positioned itself as an amazing and an innovative product. It had won awards for the best new innovative product of the year. But they expected a way too much in their sales. They should have gone for more promotional and advertising.

They should have tried to decrease their production costs and should have promoted at more affordable prices. They could have had a good customer relationship team to serve the customers better and help them to have a better understanding of the product. This could have helped them to promote growth through word of mouth.

4) The marking mix talks about the product, price, place and promotion. The product that the company offered was unique but it was the only product. The customers did not have variety or options to choose from.The price was comparatively higher than the other products available in the market. They could have made it more affordable.

The place where the product was available was in the retail and it would not be visible to all. The promotional strategy there was less advertising in the net or through television they should have made themselves more visible. 5) The other competitors are anyone who manufactures mouse traps. There were many companies producing the cheap quality mouse trap at a lesser price.

Other competition could be from drug and pest dealers manufacturing poison to kill rats and mice. 6) There was a communication gap the company failed to create awareness about the product to their customer. Many would not have had the knowledge that such a product existed in the market. They firm wanted to keep the costs low and did invest in their marketing team. The segment chosen was too small. The budgets should have been wisely allocated and each department should have been given targets and goals to meet up with.

This way there have been a better control over the firm.

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