Today’s andsteal just to make a dollar. People

Today’s andsteal just to make a dollar. People

Today’s Society Is A Dangerous and Corrupt PlaceToday’s society is a dangerous and corrupt place. People would lie , cheat , andsteal just to make a dollar. People are even taking there parents to court thesedays . How ludicrous can a person get ? A person would sue a tobacco companybecause they had developed cancer . This is outrageous ! For one reason , howcould a person just pick on one company in particular .

Because of the fact thata person could not smoke just one brand of cigarette . Now if that isn’t moneyHungry I don’t know what is. The consumer is at fault for buying and using theproduct anyway. On the package of cigarettes it states that the surgeon generalwarns everyone of the harmful effects that cigarette can cause. The case doesstate that the cigarette can cause cancer, emphysema, and also lung cancer. Evenif the reader is illiterate it still shouldn’t matter .

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The information on theboxes gets around by word of mouth . Second of all , it’s no one else’s faultfor them smoking . The smoker, picks up the cigarette,light it up ,and puff.Also the cigarette doesn’t just jump in your mouth . Anyone who would try to suea cigarette company should be put away , because they are most definitly insane.

I am a smoker , but I still can’t understand why any person would do that . Itsaddens me to know that people would sink so low just to get some money. Theworld is getting worse everyday.Maybe someday we’ll realize that with out eachand every one of us working together the earth wouldn’t have any thing left.

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