I movie had high energy, high speed, and

I movie had high energy, high speed, and

I give the film Long Kiss Goodnight a four out of five stars. The movie had high energy, high speed, and was a high-spirited thriller. Geena Davis plays a good schoolteacher, had a great daughter, great guy, and a good life, except for her amnesia.

She can’t remember anything from her past, until her and Mitch (Samuel L. Jackson) hook up. Samantha and Mitch undergo a search for her lost identity. Slowly, Samantha is reborn, changing from the mom who bakes cookies – into the tough cookie mom.

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People wont be troubles by the films graphics and quality. They wont be concerned when the story doesn’t make sense. Brilliant people wrote the movie.Everything in the movie has multiple meanings and was written for a reason, every part has a part – its brilliant!Overall the action gets pretty tense, and the story keeps you on your tipsy toes, and isn’t that the most import thing in movie revise? It was well done and in my opinion – well worth seeing!Bibliography:

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