By: slips into theparty. Once inside, his attention

By: slips into theparty. Once inside, his attention

By: Chelsea Alane RapeTeacher: Mrs. StrewartClass: EnglishDate: Jan.

2,1999The story is about two teenagers who presue their love for each otherdespite the fact that their familys have been at odds for years.The storycombines swordfighting, misunderstanding, tragedy, and some of the most romantic languague all in the name of love. In Verona, Italy in the late 1500s two powerful familes the Capuletsand Montagues have been feuding for years. Juliets father throws aparty and all of his friends are invited.

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the Monagues, of course, arenot invited but, Romeo divises a plan to see the fair Rosaline; a younggirl he has been pursing. He disguises himself and slips into theparty. Once inside, his attention is stolen: not by Rosaline, but byJuliet.

Romeo is disappointed when he finds out that Juliet is a Capulet.Juliet notices Romeo to but, is unaware that he is a memeber of thehated Montagues. Juliet not able to belive the one who caught her eye is a memberof the enemy family, Juliet gose out on to her balcony to confessher forbidden love. At the same time Romeo is lurking in the bushesbellow. He over hears her confession and no longer able to control his feelings he revels himself to her and emmits he fells the same.

Thevery next day with the help of Romeos friend Frair Lawerence the two aresecertly married. On the day of the wedding two of romeos friends Benvoliio and Mercutio, are walking through the streets when thet are cofrontedby Juliets cosion, Taybalt. Tybalt is out to get Romeo for crashing theCapulets party. Romeo shows up but, dose not wish to fight himfor he no longer has holds a grudge with the family.

Romeosfriends cant understand why Romeo wont stand up for himself.So Mercutio steps in to take up for his friend. There is a sword-fight between Mercutio and Taybalt and Mercutio is killed.

Toavenge the death of his friend Romeo kills Tybalt. This gained him more hatered form the Capulets. the Prince of Verona banishesRomeo and romeo is forced to leave Juliet, who is devasted by the loss of her love.

Her father, not knowing of his daughters secret marriage, decides to marry her to another young man named Paris. In despair, Juliet consults with Friar Laurence. He advises her to agree to the marriage but, on the mourning of the marriage takea potion the he prepares for her. The potion will make it look likeshe is deadand she will be put into the Capulets family vault.

He would send message to Romeo of the plan, and romeo wouldcome to save her. Bad news travels fast before Fair could send messsage to Romeoof the hoax. Romeo hears from someone else that his beloved isdead. Overcome with grief, Romeo buys a posion and gose to the tomb to die by his beloved wife. At the door Romeo is forced to fightParis, whom he swiftly kills. Insided the vault, Romeo drinks the posionand takes his last breath next to his sleeping wife. Moments later, Juliet awakens to see her husbands dead bodylieing beside her.

She learns what has happened from Fiar Laurence who has just arrived. With no reason to live, Juilet killsherself with Romeos dagger. The tradegy has a tremendous impact on both famlies. They are hurt so deeply by the death of thier children that they both agree never to fight again.THE END!!Tips for writing your reportPlan the report.Select an idea or topic for your report.Gather information for your report.

Identify the information you want to include in your report. Remember you shouldhave at least three ways to support the main idea of your report. Include detailsand specific information that will help you make your point.

Write a draft.Review what you have written. Try reading the report out loud.

It can help youcatch mistakes.Check spelling and punctuation. Each sentence should begin with a capital letterand end with a period, question mark, or exclamation mark.Create the final report.

Add interest.Use graphs and charts to illustrate an idea.Include a picture, photo, drawing, or map.Find a quotation, and use it to make your point.Make every word count.

Choose words your reader will understand. Remember you want to communicateyour idea to the person reading your paper.Avoid clichs.Use a thesaurus to replace overworked words and find new ways to express your ideas.

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