The human body can accomplish amazing feats

The human body can accomplish amazing feats

The human body can accomplish amazing feats. The hands are made up of twenty-seven bones and move with tendons in the forearms. They can move up to 40 km/hr and they can hit with a initial force of around 400 kilograms of force. The brain is the epicentre or the body controlling everything however it is also the most vulnerable and with enough of an impact can cause serious damage. As on the night of the 7th of July 2012 Thomas Kelly found out the hard way.
Nineteen-year-old Kieran Loveridge who was heavily intoxicated and was roaming the streets of Kings Cross out in a furious rage. Loveridge was yelling at staff of clubs who would deny him entry caused a commotion. 5 people were randomly assaulted that night by Loveridge around 10pm. Marco Compagnoni, Matthew Seato, Rhyse Saliba, Aden Gazi were assaulted but not overly harmed however Loveridge continuing his violent rage and randomly struck down eighteen-year-old Thomas Kelly in the back of the head. Loveridge had hit with such force that it knocked Thomas unconscious letting his limp body hit the concrete ground. Causing serious brain injuries which would then fall fatal and he would later pass away two days later at St Vincent’s hospital caused by the injuries obtained.
As the night that Thomas was attacked later leading to his death Loveridge also assaulted four others, this resulted in a multitude of eye witnesses who saw these attacks. This resulted in very minimal investigation, no forensic evidence was gathered, search and seize or warrants throughout the investigation. The primary evidence for this case were witnesses testimonies. Kieran Loveridge was arrested on the 18th of July 2012 and taken into custody at the Campsie Police Station where he was originally charged for the murder of Thomas Kelly. Loveridge was kept in custody and later admitted to killing Thomas Kelly as well as assaulting the four other individuals unprovoked.
As it was in favour to determine that the force at which Loveridge had hit Thomas Kelly to be fatal there was little to no proof to determine the means behind it. This led to the conviction of a murder case conflicting with Loveridge having no intenton to kill it was stated this his reckless behaviour


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