The terms of human rights have originated in Iraq when the slaves has been freed

The terms of human rights have originated in Iraq when the slaves has been freed

The terms of human rights have originated in Iraq when the slaves has been freed, and the rights of people to choose a religion and a racial equality have also been established by the King Cyrus the Great (Luxton, 2015). According to Roosevelt (1941), “A world attainable in our own time and generation”, this quote is announced his aspect for the global. Furthermore, human rights are the natural rights for all human that should have inherent. There are four crucial human freedoms which are freedom of speech and expression, freedom of religion, freedom from want as well as freedom from fear. Next, if they do not have freedoms and rights, they will not know their rights and will be unfairly exploited from others in their countries. In Nigeria, the lack of freedoms is obviously concerning, so this essay will focus on freedom from want which is one of the most vital issues for this country.
Firstly, the education in Nigeria is continuously low for citizens, especially for children. The largest citizens of Africa have approximately 20% of children who are completely out of school in the world. Additionally, the demographic pressure with 11,000 newborns in daily overcharges for a capacity to improve a quality of education (“Education in nigeria”, 2018). In fact, the next generation’s education will have an opportunity for having more prosperous and successful in the country, so it should be improved. Thus, the quality of education requires greater attention and improvement to change consequences of the country. Next, Abuja who is the president of Buhari said, “I consider crucial to our quest to improve a lot of our people through the provision of quality and functional education” (as cited in Agbakwuru, 2017). In contrast, the research by Vanguard investigations found that many teachers who teach children in the classes that without electricity and lack of educational aid have around 80 to 100 pupils for each class (as cited in Adesulu, D., Uwandu, E., ; Iruoma, K., 2016). It can be clearly seen that the effect of neglect children’s education is slightly depressed in their future. Hence, if children out of education still have high illiteracy level, unqualified teachers, as well as insufficient educational aids for them, their futures will be continuously worse.
Nigeria is one of the highest poverty rate, unemployment rate, and gap between rich and poor in the world. The World Bank Standards argued that the income of people who live in extreme poverty is received less than $1.90 per day, and they are unable to have sufficient necessity to existence (as cited in Eweniyi, 2018). Moreover, Nigeria has a significant number of people in extreme poverty that will overtake as India. Next, the unemployment rate of women still is higher than men, so the informal sectors like agriculture, services, and trading that are interested by those employed. As study of the Nigerian workplace states that the gap between the rule and practice with extensive patterns which is used for protection women who are enjoying good benefits, while others in the Nigerian workplace are partly unprotected (as cited in Ajaegbo, n.d.). Besides, working with the rich people is not a good way for the poor to get more income or get better life. To explain, the status of them is vastly different from the rich so that the consequence of their actions is completely disparate. David Obi who has worked with the rich people found that it is not true that the rich will assist people in poverty for get out to the better life (as cited in Akinwotu, E. & Olukoya, S., 2017). The example of poor people who have to face a problem is if people who arrested do not have money to pay their own bail, they will be detained.

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