Someone’s his/her malevolent intentions and acts of

Someone’s his/her malevolent intentions and acts of

Someone’s evil could be easily identified by his/her malevolent intentions and acts of cruelty toward others people. Villains, well known as dictators, usually tend to have all these characteristics.

Through the history there are many examples of dictators as the government of Adolf Hitler, who totally wanted to eliminate all people who did not meet the physical qualities that he had resigned. Especially he wanted to remove Jews people from German Civil Society. Hitler expressed evil through his deeds and hatred towards other races. Some have tried to justify his way of thinking and even some of the things he did.

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However, Hitler’s malevolent acts went beyond any other cruelty that ever existed on earth. From all the bad things he committed there are three acts that classified him as a villain. Among them are human torture practices, about 17 million murders and the holocaust itself.

The holocaust, also known as the shoah (Hebrew: “catastrophe”), was one of the biggest genocide that hitter carried out. During the holocaust, he killed millions of people who were kept inside concentration camps under inhuman conditions. These people were completely mistreated, malnourished and murdered.They barely ate food, and were forced to do heavy work for a long period of time. They also slept like pigs, all smashed in bedrooms with none signs of hygiene. Due to these critical living conditions, the people inside of the camps were all sick and unhealthy.

Their bodies looked like if they were consumed by something else other than hunger. Hitler even enacted a law in which cruelty was literally allowed in Nazi German territory. This law permitted Hitler to use the people captive in the camp as slave labor until they die of exhaustion or diseases.Therefore, whenever someone refused to do so, he/she was tortured and even burnt alive. Not only did Hitler do all this on purpose, but he also cynically enjoyed the suffering of these innocent humans, for which, he was considered the worst fascist ever.

Hitler fascism was something terrifying to see or experience. He had not scruples when it came to affiliate people. He would put them, especially Jews people, in work camps were they would work until they were shot or died from hunger. The Nazi, an organization led by Hitler put Jews in what they called gas chambers as a way of punishment. Inside these places they were cruelly killed.The Nazi would place them there and let them die a slow and painful death. On the other hand, not only Jews would go to work camps but also non-Jewish people.

They use to go to a near town called Lidice to capture others people, except the blonde and light colored eyes children. Blonde and light eyes, were the only type of people Hitler wanted to be surrounded, for which, he was believed to be anti-Semitic. Adolph Hitler was completely obsessed by the Jews and non Jews people. Although, the villain Hitler would only tolerate people with blonde hair and light colored eyes, he did not have any of these two physical traits.In addition, it is interesting and ironic, the fact that he wanted to build up a whole nation of people like these when yet, he did not physically comply with any of these characteristics. This clearly showed that Hitler was very racist and that at some point in live he was not satisfied with himself.

Besides having such a low self stem, he promoted good discipline but the evil within him made him a total villain. To sum up, what made him a total villain was really the fact that his heart was not moved to the moaning of the lives when being torture and burnt unjustified.It takes a lot of courage to kill someone who is desperately begging for mercy, and even like that Hitler did not have compassion for none of them. He spent most of his life thinking he was god and had all the right to do what he did. For this reason, there’s no punishment that would make him pay for all his malicious acts. It is shocking to even believe that there are people who justified his evil deeds and question his culpability of the millions of people he amusedly murdered.

Therefore, to be worse he was such a coward that he committed suicide making him the biggest villain in the history.

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