Time: to read and write. Objective 1.

Time: to read and write. Objective 1.

Time: 2 hours Grade Level: 2 Competency Goal 1: The learner will develop and apply enabling strategies and skills to read and write. Objective 1. 01: Use phonics knowledge and structural analysis (e. g. , knowledge of syllables, suffixes, prefixes, root words) to decode regular multi-syllable words when reading text. Competency Goal 2: The learner will develop and apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed.

Objective 2. 01 Read and comprehend text (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama) appropriate for grade two by: • determining purpose (reader’s and author’s). making predictions. • asking questions. • locating information for specific reasons/purposes.

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• recognizing and applying text structure. • comprehending and examining author’s decisions and word choice. • determining fact and opinion. • recognizing and comprehending figurative language.

• making inferences and draw conclusions. pic Book: Ten Little Garden Snails Level H (low) Materials Needed: ? Book: Ten Little Garden Snails ? Bubble Map: Poster size for teacher and one for each student. o What do I know about snails? (center) o Can be a pet.

o Sometimes they don’t have shells. o Shells. Draw a picture of a snail.

o Slow o Slimy o Lays eggs o Slow like a worm, ? Need Words and number words worksheet, one poster size for teacher and one for each student. ? Worksheet: In the beginning __________________. In the middle____________________.

Finally_________________________. ? Vivid Adjective Sheet to fill in… o Old o Gray o Little o Spotted o Cold o Wet o Hungry o Round o white Essential Question: How does previewing the text help me comprehend what I am about to read in order to make sound predictions? You will be able to: demonstrate how to make a prediction and tell me the reason for such a prediction. ___________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __ Activating Strategies (Before Reading): What do we know about rhyming words? Background: _* Predictions_* inferences__Brainstorm__other I predict ________________________ because________________________________. Prior Knowledge (related to strategy): How do you know how to make a prediction? What are your strategies? ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __Story Introduction: Today we are going to have fun rhyming the various animals. Picture Walk Focus: Both vocabulary and picture walk (details and adjectives) Vocabulary: 1. gardenpg. Title 2.

climbedpg. 4 3. graypg. 2 4. spottedpg.

8 5. hungrypg. 10 6.

secretpg. 14 ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __ Cognitive Reading Strategies (During Reading): First Reading: _*_ Teacher &Choral_*_Choral__Whisper read(HW)_Silent “Good Reader” strategy focus: Fluent voice, phrasing. Discuss Questions: (QRA’s – one right there, one search and one inference) 1. use picture) pg. 10 Describe the new animal the 4 snails met. 2. pg.

16 What dose the author tell the reader to do? 3. pg. 8 Who did the 6 snails meet? Literacy Skill (Phonics/PA) Lesson (optional): Rhyming words. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Second Reading: __ Teacher read__Silent Summarizing Strategies (After Reading): Complete Activation Strategy __yes__no Thinking Map/Graphic Organizer: Bubble map paper, Beginning – Middle – End paper and Journaling.Extention: Sequencing with pictures / words. ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ __ Teachers should always remember to: ? Do a familiar re-read at the beginning of the lesson. ? During a reading: Teachers should be “listening in” to one student and observing what students’ when they get to an unknown word.

Teacher will encourage all students to use strategies when they come to unknown words and offer assistance as needed. Flow Map: Summarizing Bubble Map: pic Beginning, Middle and End Template… pic Words |Or |Number Words | |Gate | |8 (eight) | |Sticks | |6 (six) | |More | |4 (four) | |Dew | |2 (two) | |Pot | |Spot | |Sun | |1 (one) | |Hen | |10 (ten) | Name: | |Vivid Adjectives | |Old | |Gray | |Little | |Spotted | |Cold | |Wet | |Hungry | |Round | |White |

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