Summery PaperIn September 15, 2002 an article was

Summery PaperIn September 15, 2002 an article was

Summery PaperIn September 15, 2002 an article was printed in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The artical was about giving liquor licenses to three dry towns. Jake Wageman wrote the article titled Giving liquor sales a shot in 3 towns, an effort to boost the economy is on the way or on the ballot. The article contained several opinons, on the topic. The idea was, wether or not, to give these towns a licenses to sell liquor and boost the towns economy. The people want a place to go to have a drink with family or friends, but they dont want to go to a bar.

That is opposite of what they want. The people want a nice, sit down restaurant where they can go to eat and have a drink if they want. People can see nothing wrong with a place to go have a drink, if they want to.In the article Applebees was quoted saying that 14.1 percent of their sales came from alcoholic beverages. That is all most a 1/4 of their gross profit.

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That can help a restaurant either succeed or fail. The restaurants do not want to take that chance if they can not sell liquor. The article says they want family restaurants like Applebees to buy the licenses. The restaurants know there would be some restrictions on the license, such as, no sales after midnight and so fourth.

But how many families go out to eat at midnight? The restrictions a reasonable ones. The towns want the restaurants to move in and stop the slumping area from going down any more. The idea that only restaurants having the licenses is a good one. If the town gave the licenses to any business,11 bars could move in. It seems that, the more bars there are in one location, the more problems the towns face. People are there all day and night drinking. That is not what the towns want.

If the licenses are passed, it will help boost the towns economy. The towns have proposed and idea that seems it will work for the better. Now it is up to the people to decide if they want the liquor licenses. The people know there will be no slummy bars obtaining the licenses, but quality family restaurants.

The towns have thought of everything to make the people and the

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