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Sthandwa Sami

Table of Content:
Star Grading?
Process of been Graded
Benefits of been graded
Minimum requirements needed to apply for grading.

Fees involved for grading for different establishments
Who does the tourism council appoint to conduct property grading
Implications of the wrongful use of stars
Consumer benefits related to start graded properties
A table of the guest service offered at each property which makes them worthy of the star rating.

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What is star grading?
Star Grading is simply a system used to identify the various quality levels of an accommodation establishment, it provides you of reviews on the amenities, services and facilities of a specific accommodation in a way that guests or travellers can have an option of choosing the quality of accommodation they want that best covers their needs as well as their budget. The tourism grading council of South Africa may award between 1-5 stars to an accommodation depending on the overall standard a guest or traveller can expect at the establishment. 1 star – marks a simple accommodation with a few frills, furnishing is acceptable. 2 star – furnishing will be of good quality a few more frills than a 1 star and you get an additional hand-towel and soap. 3 star – rooms will be slightly bigger and may come with extra furniture you should get a shampoo, body wash, lotion and wrapped soap and the level of service is generally good. 4 star – levels of service are immaculate and all rooms must include a work area with a desk, bathrooms include a face cloth usually there is room service for at least 18 hours a day. 5 star –these accommodations meet the highest international requirements and generally have 24 hour room service and most will have health and beauty facilities on the property such as spa’s and the accommodation is usually luxurious.

Process of been star graded
In order for your property to be graded the Tourism Grading council of South Africa needs to visit your accommodation and do an inspection to see if the property reaches the necessary requirements according to the stars they will be judged on a scale of 1-5 stars.

The process usually starts with an online application.

Then a payment is made by the establishment or property for the Grading fee.

Once a payment is made an Assessor would pay a visit to the establishment to do an assessment.

The next step is pre-screening by the Provincial Master Assessor.

An Exco meeting would be held where establishments would be evaluated.

The final step is receiving the results and if the property was approved they would get a Certificate as well as a Plaque which clearly states the star grading of the establishment.

The benefits of been graded.
It will be easier for local or international visitors to recognize your quality and service excellence.

Invaluable benefits from Basket of Benefits partnership.

Improves your reputation.

Improves visibility and credibility in marketplace.
Gives your potential customers assurance regarding the quality of services and facilities provided.

Increases customer satisfaction and the potential of repeat business.

Gives you competitive advantage over non-accredited businesses.
Open up some promotional opportunities
Using approved logos or signage and highly recognisable plaque to promote star rating.
Requirements needed to apply for grading
Minimum requirements needed to get stars:
On-site representative must be contactable 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Meals and beverages must be provided within the walls or boundary of the property.

Servicing rooms 7 days a week.

Formal reception area must be available.

Bathroom facilities must be end-suite
Housekeeping service should be provided
Recreational facilities must be available
Should have universal accessibility
Additional for 4 and 5 star:
Onsite parking with security guards.

Valet service.

Room service must be available.

Concierge, Porterage and luggage handling.

Central business centre must be provided.

Full housekeeping and laundry service.
Health and Beauty facilities.

A range of other services such as shoe polish, delivery of newspapers.

Should have universal accessibility.

Assessors are going to do a point summary of the building exterior, bedrooms, public areas, General facilities.

Assessors will also do an assessment on the formal services like dining facilities, general services, housekeeping services, and additional facilities, responsible environmental and business practices.

Fees involved for grading for different establishments.

The grading fees are generally judged by the establishments star grading level (1-5), as well as the average room rate charged the property and the number of rooms.
Who does the tourism council appoint to do property grading
The tourism Grading council would appoint an accredited grading assessor, or you could choose one that is most likely nearby to your property as they give you a few options online. The Assessor would schedule a grading in order for them to do an assessment, they would conduct practical grading, discuss the findings, agree on the recommended grading, and then the accredited grading assessor would send the results to the PMA, the PMA’s main responsibility is to provide feedback to the assessor and the final decision of the grading will be approved at the EXco meeting where they would judge by checking how many points the establishment scored during the assessment. These Assessors are qualified and trained by the Tourism Grading council.

Implications of wrongful use of stars and penalties that may be administered by the council.

Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008:
In relation to the marketing of any goods or services, the supplier must not, by words or conduct direct or indirectly express or imply a false or misleading or deceptive representation concerning material facts to a consumer.

If an establishment is found in the wrong the they could be fined and be forced to shut down
The tourism Grading council will remove their plaque and their stars
The Owner could be arrested or fined for false advertising due to the consumer protection act
Benefits will be removed
Reversal of a demotion
What are the consumer benefits to star graded properties.

It provides assurance to both local and the international tourists that an establishment has been assessed and approved by an independent third party.

It gives a trustworthy indication of expected services and offerings.

It helps consumers find hotels to their specific standard.

Allows for standard to be put in place.

It leads to overall improved service
It leads to satisfaction
It leads to reliability within the industry
what is the relation between FEDHASA and Tourism Grading council
FEDHASA is the national trade association for the hospitality industry that include accommodation and catering sectors since 1949.

FEDHASA stands for (Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa.

FEDHASA is a non-profit organisation
FEDHASA operates as a trade association and negotiating benefits for the establishments
FEDHASA has direct and private negotiations and representation on the Tourism Grading council of South Africa
FEDHASA provides access to other important industry links and information.

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