STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am Sreejith Sajeed from Kollam district

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am Sreejith Sajeed from Kollam district

I am Sreejith Sajeed from Kollam district, Kerala. I am a Bachelor of Technology Graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Kerala University.

 Now, I would like to apply for a two year Advanced Diploma (Fast-Track) course in Mechanical Engineering Technology -Design at Centennial College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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During my under-graduation, I was able to achieve a strong base in the field of mechanical engineering, which I need to explore further. My childhood passion made machine design as my treasured subject, and consequently, I have done a project namely”Heat Transfer Analysis of Cryogenic Storage Tank”. GAMBIT and FLUENT were the software that we have used to designand stimulate the cryogenic storage tank. It was designed as per the specified dimensions and later heat transfer of multi layer insulation walls were analysed. Through the project I was able to estimate the heat leak into the system.

I completed my under-graduation in April 2016. As my under-graduation reached its completion, I had an ambition to pursue my higher studies in Machine Design, with a global exposure, and thereby I completed my IELTS in September 2016. I came to know that Canada would provide me with the best learning experience, since the cultural pluralism would help me to attain a new perspective on myself and of course on the world around me.

I chose Centennial College, Toronto for my studies as it has high reputation and recognition among public funded colleges. Moreover, it is the first community college in Ontario and is ranked among top colleges in Canada. They provide internationally accepted courses and have good lab and infrastructure facilities. Their faculties are appreciated professionals with real world experiences. I have opted Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design program, since it covers my favourite subjects like machine design, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The syllabus of Mechanical Engineering Technology – Design (Fast-Track) program combines engineering theory and practice that emphasize the design and development of various mechanicaldevices and equipment. 
 I hope this program will further equip me with intellectual depth and breadth along with greater practical knowledge to face the professional and leadership challenges that I am going to face in my career. 

The program has career opportunities in India as well as in abroad as CAD Operator, Mechanical Tester, Junior Engineer and so on. I am confident enough that this program will convert me to a skilled professional and will help me to establish a career that I dream to have, when I come back after my studies in India. Furthermore, the industrial sector of India is enlarging, which will create a lot of job opportunities.


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