Braimoh-Igbo Oluwafemisola Prof

Braimoh-Igbo Oluwafemisola Prof

Braimoh-Igbo Oluwafemisola
Prof. Hinojosa
EDUC 1300-61201
4 September 2018
My Quality World: Today and Tomorrow
To be considered successful is when one is able to afford the lifestyle one wants to live and not having to live from paycheck to paycheck. Some parents raised their children based on their own values, goals and aspirations; and not actually allowing the child to discover what he wants in life. According to William Glasser, having a quality world is understanding everything that is important to us (i.e. relationships, possessions and experiences, ideas and values to guide one’s life).
My quality world starts today because gaining knowledge not just in the formal setting but also through the community setting is what most important at this stage of my life. In order to have a quality tomorrow, I would make good use of the real world experiences I would have gathered and use my initiative to improve myself and also help others.
I enrolled in Mountain View College to truly discover myself, and also get my Associates degree and then transfer to a four- year university to pursue a four-year degree in physical therapy. Though I haven’t made a decision on which university I’m going to transfer to, but plan to go to one of the best that will give me solid base for my real world exposure. As a future physical therapist, I would utilize the skills and experiences acquired, and my ability to be patient to assist people with physical issues caused by injury, surgery or aging and also engaging in volunteer work in the society at large.
Values are very important because that’s what keeps me on the right track to where I want to be in life. I value friendship even though some people only comes when you’ve something to offer them then leave while a good friend is there to help you stay on the right track and stays when you’re in need. I see myself with a man that’s loyal, caring, honest, and smart; one who aims higher in life and doesn’t have to depend on anyone.
Spirituality is also important because without God guiding one in and proper planning, one can’t achieve true success. Acquiring possessions is how a lot of people measure their success but to me, it’s not the big factor because of my values which makes me look at certain things differently.
In life, we’re bound to have challenges that might prevent us from reaching our main goal. Mine is myself because of my laziness and procrastinating habit because I wait to do everything at the very last minute even though I could have done it earlier. Being able to work in groups would also affect my goal because I love to work alone. To overcome all these setbacks, I have to analyze the consequences and not label them as comfort but as excuses and also note there’s a step at a time and try not to be hard on myself. Also as par teamwork, I engage in social activities and not keep to myself all the time.
Buddha said “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”


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