Smart percent fall to the hell pit

Smart percent fall to the hell pit

Smart ImpairedTraditional values have always implemented the idea of an intellectual life style, that education is the sole key to success in life.

Although there is an undeniable truth in that spectrum in the long run, there are advantages to being stupid when the run is short. Stupid is so politically incorrect, but then it does no harm to the spoken party since their comprehension of vocabulary words whose spelling exceeds three letters is dim. When can you say that you are under no pressure than when you’re stupid? Lowered expectations only lead to less disappointments, so stupidity is not a bad quality to have. Smart kids, are two kinds, one whose gift of smart is common sense and one who is just plain gifted. They constantly work their butts off to achieve some award, and in statistical artificial jargon, ninety-eight percent fall to the hell pit of being average students. And who remembers average kids, surely stupid kids are noted more for the last hilarious thing they did, such as irritating the most revered teacher with enthusiastic inquiries about unrelated subjects. A stupid kid is never erased from the memory, you’ll always find yourself recalling their incessant wit.

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” What year was the war of 1812 again ? ” I remembered so well when Jeremy Hershonmire asked that question about, oh, a million times. It all sent us laughing about his seriousness while asking the question. There was also a school wide spelling bee with mandatory participation.

It was a show that supposedly displayed the accelerated curriculum at our school. After the spelling bee, while most smart kids would of been frustrated because of their failure to capture victory, Jeremy Hershonmire was content with being able to spell the d-i-s in the word dissipated. Stupid people are also counted on to do less work. They are never picked on at math class, so they are not reluctant to incorrectly elucidate Desargues’s theorem, or be in the inconvenience of trying to show everybody how to solve a problem. In algebra last year, the class was subsequently segregated in three groups: people who did their homework, people who understood algebra and did their homework, and people who were dunces.

Lucas Kaith was one of the dunces, he sat in class everyday and I almost literally saw algebra go through one ear and out the other. And through the course of the year I never heard Mrs. Dents ask him for an answer or nit pick his mono-celled brain.During sixth grade I drove myself to failure with my grades. They were not necessarily bad, failure was the way I just saw it. I was never contented with what I got, because of the pressure for me to get A+’ s, which was virtually impossible.

I found myself embarrassed whenever I was expected to get a question correct and I got it wrong. It was the normal thing to feel, but I felt it too often. I was unhappy with being smart, I swear stupid people were much happier.So a person does not seem too smart, but are they happy? I think the only thing that separates stupid from smart is stupid having will to do but not having the smarts to, and smart having the IQ but handicapped of being pressure free. Before I saw stupidity as a characteristic people had.

I was smart impaired about stupidity. And although it may seem paradoxical, stupidity is an option I never saw, that other people have explored.

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